about me


Hi, I’m Maryana.


I’m the founder of Raised on Real Food, the mum of a beautiful daughter called Sasha, and am married to Brooke - a talented integrative body wellness therapist whom I met in 2003 over a game of cards. We live in in a small coastal community in New Zealand with our two rescue animals.

I have been independently researching real food, eczema, allergies gut healing, recipes and holistic family wellness since 2011. My interest began when our daughter developed eczema, multiple food allergies and Failure in Thrive as an infant, and I dedicated myself to learning as much as possible because I didn't feel the conventional approach was one I was aligned to. Not only did her skin become supple and smooth, she became the very picture of health and vitality - and a passion was borne.


Since then, I've extended on this experience to develop my own understanding and philosophies which I use to help other families address their symptoms at the root cause so they can take control and build a strong nutrition and lifestyle foundation.

I know some of these challenges can really suck, but I also know they can offer us gifts that can last for a very long time.


I want you to get excited about the possibility of gut healing.

I want to see you proudly serve nourishing meals to your family.

I want you to know you don't have to settle for eczema.

I want you to know there is an entire world out there of recovered families sharing their stories and support.


I think it's important to have a strong voice for a more natural and nourishing approach. Thankfully, for all it's drawbacks, social media allows us to access information and community that allows us to learn from each other and build our confidence and knowledge.


Thank you for being willing to explore coming on this journey with me and if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.