Maryana Lishman lives in New Zealand with her husband Brooke (founder of a integrative body wellness clinic on Auckland's North Shore), their daughter and two rescue animals. She is not a fan of kale, quinoa or kombucha - but does love a good steak and coffee.

Her first job was as a receptionist and by the time she had her daughter, she was leading a Marketing and Communications team overseas - a sign of her tenacity, knack for problem solving - and spirit for learning on the job. She has a Diploma of Management and a Certificate in Holistic Health Coaching from Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

She has been part of the natural health space since 2011 after seeing the transformation of her daughter, before going on to launch this platform and establish an integrative nutrition clinic where she works with families and individuals around the world to support them through their skin and gut challenges.

Recognising that eczema is not the kind of club that people are incredibly excited to join, she is passionate about helping transform difficult situations into positive learning opportunities ensuring her clients have a safe place to ask questions and develop their confidence in supporting health at home. Her style is naturally relaxed, informal and supportive (note: she does have a naturally dry sense of humour) where she endeavours to offer more rather than less.

She shares information to help educate and inform in an authentic and natural way, encouraging being open to examining and investigating new concepts where we learn to listen to our bodies rather than strictly following the 'rules'. Acknowledging every topic under the sun has its extremes, she prefers a more nuanced and moderate approach. In fact, the most common feedback she gets after her sessions is "wow, it just makes so much sense".