about me

Hi, I'm Maryana

Mum. Wife. Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Founder.


You will often find me...

Walking the beach with my rescue dog, Kira.

In the kitchen whipping up a nutrient dense meal for my daughter and husband.

Checking out the local store or markets for delicious new things to try.

In my home office holding 1:1 sessions with families around the world helping them work through the challenges that come with eczema and allergies/intolerances.

As well as my work in holistic skin and gut health, I'm also a gluten free foodie, recipe developer, writer, researcher, coffee lover (Americano with cream), cafe aficionado, animal lover, movie watcher, reader, marketer and friend.



Taking on the challenge of disrupting the eczema industry isn't generally an accident.

I passionately dove into this area after my daughter had eczema, multiple food allergies, Failure to Thrive and swollen lymph nodes as an infant. I didn't feel comfortable with the heavy push to stop breastfeeding and cover her with harsh creams so I took on the biggest research project of my life - and her transformation was incredible.

A lot of people want to know how I did it, and I love to share what I learned - but in a way that empowers others not just to copy what we did (because everyone is different after all) but to more confidently embark on their own journey of healing and education.

My philosophies are generally as follows:

1. Support healing from the inside out rather than chase symptoms.

2. Learn to listen to your body, and the clues it gives.

3. Focus on most nutrient dense ingredients possible - these may surprise you.

4. Gut healing is not just about the gut.

5. Question everything, and everyone.

6. Eczema may be common - but that doesn't make it normal.