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About our Founder

Hi, I'm Maryana. I'm the human behind Raised on Real Food, who specialises in helping wellness make sense, breaking down big concepts into actionable steps, so that families can achieve vibrant health through a strong nutrition, lifestyle and wellness foundation. My experience in overcoming my own daughter's eczema, allergies and failure to thrive through a series of nutrition, lifestyle and other supportive changes while facing a range of challenges and difficulties helped shape me into the practitioner I am today.


While I have a strong background  in eczema, allergies and gut health, I can help with a variety of challenges but because the work I do doesn't always fit into a box - I'm not a doctor, nor a naturopath - not everyone understands what it is I actually do. Let me break it down:

As an integrative nutrition coach, I am a health and wellness professional who helps offer guidance through tailored nutrition and lifestyle modifications, focusing on the needs and goals of each client. I offer guidance and coaching on improving skin and gut health, specific diets and other factors that can impact symptoms such as sleep, digestion and more. My goal is to help my clients achieve abundant and vibrant health.


While I received formal education in nutrition and coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, much of my approach has been refined through working with hundreds and hundreds of clients allowing me to gain a unique perspective which I then translate into information that is easy to understand and take action on. While I engage in various materials to actively expand my knowledge (this is ongoing), that has been incredibly valuable in gaining intimate knowledge and deeper understanding of these topics.

I understand what it's like to leave another appointment only to be told there is nothing you can do than put on more steroid cream. I know what it's like to feel alone and overwhelmed when choosing to pursue the alternative approach and I also how hard it is to watch your child itch, and worry if it will be this way forever. I also know what it's like to come through the other side and watch your healthy child enjoy food freedom, smooth skin and robust immunity. That makes me a force to be reckoned with.

No matter what challenges you're facing for you and your family, I'm on your side, here to listen to you and support you, and help you navigate through them. I've seen first hand the transformations that occurred when clients were given the necessary tools, support, education, space and time - which is what I want for you.

Maryana Lishman

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Diploma in Management


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