Maryana Lishman

I’m the mum of our beautiful daughter Sasha, and have been married to Brooke since 2003. He runs his busy integrative body wellness and balancing clinic on Auckland's North Shore. We live in a coastal community in Northland, New Zealand with our two rescue pets - Kira (doggo) and Rikkah (kitty).

  • Before doing this, I worked my way up into management without a degree - just a lot of hard work and a few people who really believed in me, even when I didn't.

  • I am still gluten free even though my daughter no longer is. It's been around ten years now.

  • I do not enjoy kale, quinoa, nutritional yeast or kombucha (but I love steak and butter).

  • I haven't drunk alcohol since 2003 and don't miss it at all. I drink sparkling water and coffee.

  • Eczema is a club nobody really wants to join but that experience taught me so much and I love sharing what I learned with others and has given me a real sense of purpose.

  • Since doing this work, I've discovered that I love to write - it's my creative outlet.

  • I have a rather sarcastic sense of humour so people don't always realise I'm joking.

  • I will immediately lose any focus in any conversation if a dog walks past. They're the best and we humans don't deserve them.

Authentic | I share information to help educate and inform but not to convince, scare or manipulate. I focus on philosophies I wholeheartedly believe based on my experience and understanding, aiming to give those stories a voice.

Transparent | This is my work and how I contribute to my family through offering my knowledge and service to support others as well as very selected affiliate relationships or commercial partnerships.

Independent | I do not seek popularity or power and have no political aspirations, and actively pride myself on examining all the trade-offs at play.

Fluid | I encourage being open to examining opinions and perspectives as new information comes to light, where we listen to our bodies rather than the 'rules'. Acknowledging every topic has its extremes, I prefer a more nuanced and complex approach.

Honest | I avoid making outlandish claims and will not exploit anyone who comes to me in an overwhelmed state. If I do not think we are a good match, I will say so and if I feel I am being taken advantage of, I will step back. I am also far from perfect. I'm human and will sometimes get things wrong, but I'll try to own it when I do.

Curious | I love questions, thinking and critical examination. This means not being frightened of engaging in a debate to explore different ideas so I can follow my own curiosities rather than merely blindly follow.