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About Maryana

Hi, I'm Maryana, the founder behind Raised on Real Food - a busy online clinic where I work with people all around the world, including New Zealand where I live with my husband and daughter who both inspire me daily, and our rescue dog.

I am an integrative nutrition consultant who studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and for the last ten years have helped my clients overcome their health challenges by incorporating nutrient dense foods, addressing digestion and immunity through gut healing, supporting vitamin and mineral deficiencies, reducing the toxin burden, reducing hypersensitivity and building tolerance for lasting food freedom.

My approach helps address symptoms at their root causes, not just for temporary relief.


When my daughter had eczema, allergies and failure to thrive, I consulted both medical and natural health practitioners but never found anyone who really seemed to 'get' what was happening and bring it all together so after dedicating myself to helping her heal and seeing rapid results, I decided to become 'that person' myself to support others.

I care deeply about making a real difference, and that's what makes me a force to be reckoned with.

What sets me apart is not only having a deep understanding of these topics inside and out which allows me to quickly identify possible factors to devise incredibly effective action plans, it's also being able to truly empathise and relate to the struggles you're facing and how to break down support into practical, accessible steps that make sense.


Overcoming my daughter's challenges shaped me into the parent and practitioner I am today and is the driving force behind what I do because I understand what it's like to leave another appointment only with either a script for stronger steroid cream or a list of pricey supplements to buy but still have no real idea on what's happening or what to do.

No matter what challenges you're facing, I've seen first hand the transformations that occur when people are given the right tools, support, education and guidance - and it's this I thrive on offering others.

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