Hey, I'm Maryana Lishman - Founder, Integrative Nutrition Coach, Gut Health & Eczema Educator

I live in New Zealand with my husband, our daughter and rescue pets, and am passionate about good food, good skin and helping others become confident on gut health and building the foundations of good health from as young as possible. I founded Raised on Real Food in 2015 after training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, inspired to help educate my fellow parents and humans to adopt a more empowered, confident and balanced approach to family wellness.

I am by nature a problem solver and independent learner. Upon finishing high school, I decided to go against the grain so instead of going to university despite having the grades to, I wanted to learn on the job beginning as a receptionist at 18 years old. These experiences taught me tenacity, resilience and discernment. By the time I had my daughter, I was leading a Marketing and Communications team but when she developed eczema and allergies, I dedicated myself to resolving these completely.


Fast forward ten years, and I'm now one of the leading eczema and allergy educators in New Zealand. While I recognise this is not the kind of club we want to join, I am enthusiastic about helping transform difficult situations into positive learning opportunities ensuring my clients have a safe place to ask questions and develop their knowledge. My style is relaxed, informal and supportive (I have a rather dry sense of humour) where I endeavour to offer more rather than less, sharing my knowledge in an authentic and natural way, encouraging being observant and open minded, and helping it all just make sense.

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What does a health coach do?

For those we coach, we are a guide, advocate, educator, mentor, support system and cheerleader. We are educated in various aspects of health and wellness  such as nutrition, lifestyle, stress, mindset, exercise, supplements, alternative therapies and more to help provide our clients with the necessary tools, techniques, education, space and time to explore how to make their health goals a reality and learn along the way.