about me


Hi, I'm Maryana.



I'm not your average health coach. You won't find pictures of me manically grinning over a plate of food, doing yoga, standing over a kitchen bench chopping vegetables or wearing lycra. I'm the opposite of Instagram cool.


I'm a mum who found passion and purpose after facing similar challenges to you, in the most unexpected way. Gut healing gave me the opportunity to recover my daughter from eczema, mild skin infections, multiple food allergies, Failure to Thrive and swollen lymph nodes and it's this that drives my passion in my work - to help others do the same.


I prioritise nutrient dense eating and holistic health principles, while also keeping things accessible and sustainable. Rather than speak at you, I speak with you because I know how it feels to sit opposite someone who treated me as a number, not a person. My knowledge hasn't come from lecture halls, although I've a read and researched a lot, it comes from the real world.


where you will find me

Walking with my rescue dog, Kira (usually with a coffee in my hand),

In the kitchen making meals for my family,

Checking out foodie shops or markets for delicious new things to try, or

In my home office holding private sessions with families around the world.

my wellness philosophies

Support healing from the inside out rather than chase symptoms.

We know our bodies best, we just need to learn to listen to them.

The most healing ingredient in any meal is love.

This is not just about the gut - our bodies work as a whole.

 Question everything, even things you have been told for years.

Some symptoms may be common - but that doesn't make them normal.

It is a journey. We can't - and shouldn't - know everything at the start.

Everything is a learning experience.

It's not just about what we eat - it's also about our coping skills, communication, processing of emotions, thoughts, sleep, community and relationships. That's why working with a coach can be so powerful.