facebook group ad



If you're looking to promote your brand to a large natural wellness or nutrition focused audience, you can now officially advertise on one of our highly engaged Facebook groups with over 12,000 members each (The Healing Tribe or Real Food in New Zealand) for $150 per post]

We do not work on a trade exchange basis because just like you, we are running a business and took many years and much effort, sweat and tears to build our community and platform hence we offer paid advertising opportunities only but if you're looking for a sponsored post, blog or hosted giveaway or have another collaboration opportunity or campaign in mind, we'd love to put together a proposal to meet your needs - please just email us and we'd more than happy to chat.

By purchasing this opportunity, you will be able to advertise your brand or product in one or both of our Facebook groups with a single post. While we won't develop the content, you agree to work with us to ensure the post is acceptable for both parties as only approved posts can be published. Your post will go live within three (3) working days and be tagged with [ad] so that members can easily identify the post as being sponsored.

If you would like to proceed, please purchase the space with the button below and then email maryana@raisedonrealfood.com the following information


  • The name of your brand

  • An overview of what it is.

  • Facebook and Instagram links

  • Website

  • One hero image.

Once approved, you will be able to submit your post for approval.

Please note that we will not allow posts about network or multi-level marketing brands, other health coaches or clinics nor will we promote giveaways that you are running on your own platform. We reserve the right to refuse any offer or post. There will be no reimbursement or refunds once the post has been published and cannot guarantee the success of your post or the number of engagements, conversions or sales. Once the offer has been published, any edits must also be submitted to us and approved before being made. Failure to indicate an edit to a post will lead your post to be deleted immediately.

If you would like to purchase in both groups as part of the same campaign, pay only $100 for the second post.