It's important to recognise topical products are unlikely to resolve eczema alone, but can help keep skin supple. Anything put on the skin is absorbed so ensure ingredients are natural, non-toxic and not designed to keep you in a cycle. Always patch test first. This page contains affiliate links I may earn a small commission from, at no extra cost to you. I will only endorse products in alignment with my values and philosophy. Individual T&C's apply.


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Sprout Organic Cotton Cot Set

GOTS certified organic cotton.

Miele Allergy Vacuum

Perfect for allergy and eczema homes.

Organic Bamboo Latex Mattress

Natural anti-bacterial sleeping surface.

70 GF recipes from my family to yours. Only $5.99

A healing bubble bath experience for kids of all ages.

Delicious and the base for my keto choc smoothie recipe!

Book Depository

Where I buy all our books! Free shipping worldwide

The best integrative physio in the world... my husband!

Includes Paleo, AIP, GAPS and other options!

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