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kid's gut health boost

a 14-day challenge

Give them the gift of great gut health, so they can thrive.

Two weeks. Limited Spaces. Simple Steps. Flexible Pace. Great Value.

Oh, hey there mama.

If the idea of building a stronger family wellness foundation sounds good and you're ready to make it your reality, I'm here to help you with an achievable blitz to boost your journey. Whether you're keen to better understand certain symptoms, jump-start gut healing or just want to keep moving forward, this is an experience you won't want to miss.


Why gut health? A number of non-digestive symptoms are actually a sign of  this because it plays such a key role in our overall health but most people don't even realise. Leaky gut is a common buzz word these days, but the struggle to understand how much of a role it plays in your situation and what to actually do about it is real. It can be a pretty complex relationship to understand so we want to help get you off on the right step!

This challenge is a way for you to learn more because the good news is that there is a lot we can do.

Get supported.


You don't have to do this alone. I created this challenge because it's exactly the kind of help I needed years ago when my daughter was first diagnosed with eczema and allergies.

I will help you discover the key aspects of gut healing I learned. We will discuss how to reduce inflammation, begin repair and expand on the idea of trusting our guts because I believe gut healing is just as much about mindset and instinct, as it is about food and lifestyle.


It includes access to a private group of like-minded people going through this challenge together.

Your job is to show up and join in. I’ve got the experience and testimonials in teaching hundreds of families how to make simple and powerful transformations, so I'm confident we can make a great team.

What you will get.

A two week reset to optimise gut health, with content and community designed around attainable actions, bold breakthroughs and curious conversations.

Suitable for most people, not just those with eczema and allergies, delivered over a three week period.


- My Beginner's Guide to Gut Health (PDF)

- Ten emails with a range of prompts, tips and strategies for nutrition, lifestyle and mindset so you know what foods to include for good gut health and how to make easy changes at home.

- Five brand new family friendly recipes (gluten and dairy free, nutrient dense, tasty).

- Access to a dedicated private group for questions, support and encouragement, that includes access access to me.

You won't heal a gut in 14 days, but you can start laying the foundations and begin the process of making sustainable and positive changes. This isn't a diet or protocol, it's an invitation to do things differently.



Please make sure you're signed up by Sunday 17 January, 2020 as we'll begin the following day.

If you decide the challenge isn't for you within the first 48 hours, you'll get a full refund.

The content in this challenge is my personal view only, intended to serve as non-medical ideas and information. Please discuss specific symptoms and conditions with your trusted health practitioner before making any changes.

Want to know more?

I’m Maryana - mum, integrative nutrition health coach, eczema strategist and gut health expert. I created Raised on Real Food to share our journey in resolving eczema and allergies naturally, and make the concepts of gut healing and real food more fun and accessible.

I am also tenacious, a little sarcastic, goofy, compassionate, empathetic, vulnerable, articulate and a messy Virgo. My desk has crap all over it. I don't drink. I hate vacumming. I sometimes let the negative self-talk take over, other times I'll shout my virtues from the rooftops. Basically, I'm real. 

Am I registered naturopath or dietitian? No. I'm not medically trained but I respect the often vital role it plays. I believe I can play a different role in helping families reach their wellness goals. It's my focus on clearly explaining concepts and strategies and cut through all the BS which leads so many to finally take action.

Feel free to check out what others have said about me below.


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