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Next intake to begin Monday 31 September 2020.

We all want the absolute best for our kids, and for them to have a positive relationship with the food they eat and the world around them. Sometimes we just need some more support to make it just that little bit easier and less overwhelming...


our private community for busy conscious mothers {previously known as the inner circle}













Maryana Lishman, Founder of Raised and Real Food, Integrative Nutrition and Family Wellness Strategist

Let's face it - we live in a confusing world meaning we're often feeling out of our depth, incredibly unsure where to go enxt, despiter for a straight answer or to know what our options are, especially when trying to overcome a chorinic health issues such as eczema. It can feel lik ea real gamble in trying to take out the guess worlk.

In my own experience with my daughter, I knew early on I wanted to avoid the symptom management of baand aids and wanted to find something that would not only resolve my daughters eczema and allergies, but wouldf also have her thrive. Having discovered how to do this, I've worked tirelessly over the last 5 years to help thousands of other kiwi families make positive and sustainable changes.

Many mums come to me confused, overwhelmed and exhausted having spent lots of time and money trying to resolve a health issue to talk with someone who can explain what's going on, how to get off the symptom management roller coaster and how they can resolve it - there is often a huge level of support needed to make those changes happen. After five years of working one-on-one with clients, this group coaching program helps bring this support and information to even more people and show them sometimes how simple it can be to create a strong nutriition, and lifestyle foundation, providing the support needed to shape the outcomes you want to get, so that you can feel more empowered, confident and strong with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for the wellness journey.

Members are often dealing with chronic symptoms such as: eczema, allergies, intolerances, asthma, reflux, colic, constipation, fussy food behaviours, asthma, chronic infections, constant sickness, anxiety and more. This is a safe space to explore the holistic approach while looking at ALL options to recover your family from these challenges especially when so many will hear they are untreatable or just the result of bad luck.


You CAN do this, you CAN create a NEW vision for your family's health, hold my hand & we'll do it together...


Let me show you how YOU can achieve astonishing health results & help you unlock your family's intrinsic healing program to restore peace, confidence, vibrant well-being & help you reclaim your life built on 

my proven, unique "3 Phase" system...



Be Expertly Guided Through These Proven Steps to Take Focused Action & Get The Results That Are TRULY Possible; That You DESERVE!



  • DISCOVERY- Finally get the answers you've been craving, the "why" behind your challenges & a CLEAR understanding of the "predictors" of future disease so you can take focused ACTION now with a newfound sense of peace & clarity & your need for "knowing" met...

  • INVESTIGATE- I'll show you how to use pathology testing to reveal the health or imbalance of the CORE drivers of disease BEYOND the typical symptom assessment of iron levels, thyroid function, Vitamin D status, hormonal levels & more. Feel confident looking in the "right" places...

  • FOCUS - The actions you can take immediately to start seeing a "shift" toward resolution with a focus on the CORE foundations of well-being where it really matters. Finally, watch your action create the "healing" & flow all the way downstream to dissolve the symptoms that have kept you distracted for FAR too long...


  • DETOXIFY- Move BEYOND the "trend" of detoxification & discover the real truth behind this proven practice to remove the obstacles that are preventing healing AND driving disease. This creates the "space" for healing to happen, to support your body's natural functions for REAL resolution...

  • NEUROSCIENCE - The brain is the conductor of physical health outcomes, sending messages to every single cell in the body & if the signals being sent are for disease pathways to continue, NO other action you take will have lasting meaning. Confidently progress "tuned" for health...

  • NOURISH - Shift into peace & confidence with a "food" plan that answers your UNIQUE needs & a plan for the future that honours YOU, without the stress that has de-railed previous efforts! Embrace your "Unique Food Prescription" & make peace with food, knowing that you are nourishing your OPTIMAL well-being...


  • MICROBIOME - Our gut ecology is critical to health, physical & emotional, & is unique to each of us. Microbiome imbalance is at the hear of ALL disease & you'll have a targeted solution to resolve imbalance & overcome the CORE issues, beyond the newest fancy "pill"...

  • EPIGENETICS -  Consider your genes the loaded gun and epigenetics the "trigger". YOU have the power to determine your future health & this realm of science holds the key! You'll learn how to take back the reigns, knowing which "environmental" influences to focus your healing actions...

  • THRIVE - We've left NO stone un-turned & you now have the template for lifelong, VIBRANT well-being with YOU as captain of the ship! With focused action to resolve imbalance at the CORE foundations you can simply sit back & watch your family THRIVE with over-flowing well-being & a sense of peace that every parent deserves!



JOIN NOW & GET ON WITH REALLY LIVING...MORE Support than You Have EVER Seen Before to Help You "CREATE" the Foundation for Well-being to FLOW...

Hi Sal, I just wanted to send an email to say how much I am loving your program! As you know I have been into health and nutrition for a while so was wondering what I might get out of the program but it's incredible and I'm getting so much out of it! So many a-ha moments and it's really taken my thinking and action to the next level. You have put together the most amazing masterpiece of knowledge and you are a born presenter, it's so easy to watch and interact. I was always waiting in anticipation for the next week. Keep on doing your thing but thank you, thank you, thank you my sister on this journey!!!

Sarah, Yallingup


Welcome to the: "The Root Cause Resolution"...

Proven 3 Phase Healing Path Resolving Imbalance at the CORE!


***** REVEAL - RESOLVE - RESET *****


This program makes the journey from where you are now, to where you REALLY want to be systematic, simplified & supported!


Comprehensive Modules Guiding You EVERY Step of the Way...

> Use my 25 years of proven experience & success in the clinical "trenches" helping families overcome chronic dis-ease with the very "Map" I share in this program to guide YOU...

> Easy to follow video lessons (even a technophobe can use) & guidance available 24/7 AND you have ONGOING access to the program including updates, past AND future replays...

> Simple steps to follow to catapult your family's results...

> Previous LIVE Session recordings available as a bonus with real life questions from mums just like you answered to provide even greater insight...(This program used to be a fully guided LIVE journey and you can still benefit from all the recordings even though it is now SELF-GUIDED only)

> FINALLY discover what you've been missing & exactly the steps that are needed to resolve the core imbalance that is derailing your child's healing potential...

Simple ONLINE Learning Platform For Any Device From Anywhere...

> Easy online from ANY device access to the lessons AND resources you need to start implementing the proven strategies for REAL results FASTER than you imagined now you're focused at the CORE...

> Look up recipes, watch a video session or live session replay or even listen to the audio recording "podcast" style in the times that suit you best (mums tell me they LOVE listening as they're cooking)...

> Print the handouts for each lesson or save them online & follow along, every step of the way to take the action that will Reveal-Resolve-Reset the body's inner balance & well-being rhythm...

> Create your own immersion experience to unlearn the "myths" that are holding you back from your true wellness & INSTALL the programs that will bring you vibrant, resilient health...

LIVE Demonstrations "In the Kitchen"

> Gain access to ALL of my "Nutrition" resources to break free from worry & "STRESS" about food...

> Recipes galore guiding you to discover & honour your "Unique Food Prescription"; the foods that fulfill your unique biochemical needs...

> Video demonstrations "with" me in the kitchen guiding you through your healing nutrition needs...

> Access to previous LIVE Workshop replays such as "Sensational Sourdough" & "Healing Nutrition"...

> Learn how to "tweak" nutrition to SPEED up your healing journey in a way that suits YOU...

> Discover the true role that the right Nutrition has to play in healing (NOT the place to get stuck)...

> Learn why most of the "popular" food trends may well do more harm than good, there is NO single right way to eat; we discuss them ALL!!!

> You'll finally make peace with food & make it work for you, not against you!

Guidance & Support to Ensure Your Success!

> Connect with LIKE minded families committed to taking action & deepen their learning...

> Feel supported & safe in your private facebook community that values compassion & kindness above all else, a safe space to ask questions and share from the heart...

> Be educated by wisdom & insight of the collective genius a supportive group can offer...

> Stay informed & inspired everyday with me & my team motivating you...

> Keep the inspiration rolling as members share their wins & their unique perspective...

> Stay focused AND accountable to your vision for OPTIMAL well-being, a powerful intrinsic resource that we "tap" into to ENSURE your success...

> The opportunity to UP-GRADE and work privately with Sally or to join another of the LIVE programs speaking to our REAL needs as mums to achieve our vision of LIMITLESS WELL-BEING for our precious families...

JOIN NOW & GET ON WITH REALLY LIVING...MORE Support than You Have EVER Seen Before to Help You "CREATE" the Foundation for Well-being to FLOW...


There's no waiting, you'll get instant access to the program AND be able to implement the proven strategies to start seeing REAL results FAST...



11 Easy to follow video lessons with unlimited 24/7 access from any device Value $2200

>50 hours of live trainings Value $5000


access to all of my "nutrition" training books, workshops & more Value $500


BONUS ongoing Access to previous & future live session replays to maintain the immersion experience Value over $1000


Total value > $8900


All of this is yours for:


97 USD

One time payment in USD with my personal 7 day satisfaction guarantee...

CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW & GET ON WITH REALLY LIVING...FINALLY Discover the Missing Pieces & Get MORE Support than You Have EVER Seen Before to Help You "CREATE" the Foundation for Well-being to FLOW...

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Got a Question? If you can't find your answer below then email my friendly team (, it's our mission to SERVE your family's "Highest Well-being"...


I've tried making nutrition changes and seen Naturopaths before, why is this any different?

I completely understand, we don't make it an easy journey as practitioners simply because we are trained to manage symptoms and routinely miss the KEY pillars of healing and creating optimal well-being. The beauty of this approach is that we go DEEPER than you will have ever gone before to be sure we're exploring the very foundations to focus our actions and restore balance and resilience in order to allow healing from even the most chronic conditions to unfold...

My child is very fussy and is eating limited foods, how do you suggest I resolve this, I know he's not getting the nutrition he really needs?

Fussy eaters can be such a stress and with the research pointing to the long term consequences of inadequate nutrition you're right to be concerned. The key is to shift our perspective a little to understand the reason for fussiness because the common approaches simply don't work and/or cause more problems that they're worth. This program is all about going to the deepest layers of health issues so that we can resolve them once and for all. It has NOTHING to do with food in fact, the issues run way deeper including gut ecology and "stress". When we resolve these issues, we can take the necessary nutrition action and finally get the results that we crave...

If I've had testing done for my family previously, do we have to do it again?

Possibly not! I would need to know the age of the tests and what has been done. Unfortunately a great deal of the testing that is usually done doesn't explore the root cause pillars of health, it simply confirms symptoms (such as thyroid imbalance, immune dysfunction, vitamin deficiencies...), the END result of imbalance that started at the core a LONG time ago. Gut ecology testing is critical, and the RIGHT testing will provide information about species and population numbers. Please feel free to email the office on to let us know what you've done previously and the date of the testing to answer this question comprehensively...

Am I going to have to buy a load more supplements?

Actually no! My approach is very different, I may well be one of the ONLY non-prescribing Naturopaths in the world! I believe the key to our intrinsic healing and well-being potential lies within, making outside-in approaches, such as supplementing, pointless under MOST conditions. I believe that the "right" supplements may be useful when we have a very targeted approach and when supported by a strong belief system (placebo), when we know exactly what we're treating. I believe that less interference is best and treating the CORE foundations that are routinely missed in the typical approach produces FAR greater healing outcomes. So you may find that some carefully selected remedies are recommended but it is at the end of the list of healing suggestions...

JOIN NOW & GET ON WITH REALLY LIVING...FINALLY Discover the Missing Pieces & Get MORE Support than You Have EVER Seen Before to Help You "CREATE" the Foundation for Well-being to FLOW...

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Here's What Graduates Have To Say:



Root Cause Resolution


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$97 USD JOIN NOW TO FINALLY BREAK FREE*****7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee*****

"My son’s persistent eczema was resolved before the end of the program and I feel so empowered to take on any health issue that comes our way. We’ve seen huge positive changes as a family and your focus on MY stress (every mum’s) as a full module was a total eye opener and my husband says THANK YOU! I just loved the thoroughness and simplicity."

Jill, Brisbane


You're invited to join this proven transformational program knowing that you have the expert hand of Sally Gray ND guiding you through a proven approach that has guided families with chronic health issues to "healed" time and again and if you aren't satisfied for any reason simply email & we'll provide you with a no questions asked 

full refund before the end of your 7 days... & Sally Gray ND - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy

The time to embrace a holistic approach to family wellbeing is here, and it starts with you!

Your opportunity to join the first intake of the brand new INNER CIRCLE
group coaching program is now here. 90 days. Limited spaces. Incredible value.



This is going to be bloody epic if I say so myself. With only two intakes a year, this first one is truly incredible value to reward those who are willing to jump on board.


After spending six years developing my own holistic approach for connected, energised and empowered families, my knowledge has helped thousands already. I show how to build smooth skin, balanced immunity and healthy appetites from the inside out and the results often speak for themselves.

As a Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Strategist, I help families reach their wellness goals by cutting through the vast amount of contradictory information and focusing on simple steps. I truly believe that education is an incredibly powerful tool.


The Inner Circle is incredible value. It will take the best elements of online community and knowledge-sharing to the next level. The way I see it, you can purchase a couple of bottles of probiotics and hope for the best, or you can invest that into a three month group journey that will be a game changer.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

{Chinese Proverb}


"When it comes to allergies and eczema, Maryana's knowledge and empathy far surpasses anyone else I know in the natural health industry. I believe she is the most experienced person in New Zealand to assist with healing allergies and intolerances from the inside out. It is evidenced by the tremendous amount of commitment she has to her very strong Facebook communities, that she is passionate about healing children and families to heal from the pain and challenges associated with eczema and allergies." - Melanie W"


Maryana was part of our gut healing journey over the last year. She is a wealth of knowledge and has a way of empowering her clients to achieve their goals and celebrate success. We saw remarkable and rapid results during and after our consults, and I now have two happy, healthy children to show for it!" - Kayla W


Maryana's love and determination for seeking to heal her own daughter shines through and she has gone on to weave THE most amazing online community together through personal generosity. Her depth of knowledge illustrated in giving advice is one thing, that she does it in a way that empowers YOU to trust your instincts and build your own toolkit is something else. Simply put, thank you." - Ebony D"


Maryana's passion and knowledge and the generosity with which she shares these have been amazing. Working with her directly helped me focus on exactly what I needed to do, and was so refreshing. She's created a wonderful sharing community." - Justine BG


"I was luckily told of Maryana's pages and read her pinned post on eczema. This moment changed everything for me. I finally understand what was wrong with my son.... I don't know what life would be like now for our family without reading her story and info on eczema... Keep up the astonishing work and I personally could not recommend anyone more supportive, empowering and insightful to help you if your children have eczema..." - Janine C


"Gotta love someone who walks the walk. Someone who cares about the real cause of your health issues not just a quick fix or 'band-aid' solution. Someone who is always researching and updating her knowledge. I have encouraged many people to seek help from Maryana and will continue to do so!" - Sara B


Thank you for your advice about my miss 20 month old! She has not had an episode of tonsillitis since I took your advice!" - Cushla D


"Thank you! Thank you for listening, thank you for understanding, thank you for your advice and wisdom! And thank you for keeping it simple" Tess P"


Beautiful, honest, well rounded support, thoughtful advice and just a lovely person!" Erena F


"As you know, we had implemented some gut healing protocols but it wasn't until you added your holistic advice, did we see any real improvements. We have now been able to introduce a heap of new foods and I have a whole new view on things. Thanks again."


"This mum recovered her child from multiple food allergies, failure to thrive and bull-blown eczema. She's legend in the world of gut healing. All power to you Maryana Lishman." Roz M

"I would like to give a big shout out to Maryana for her awesome blog/articles, they have been invaluable in helping me navigate my family's health concerns. They have encouraged and empowered me to look at health from a different perspective and to start taking control ourselves." Rangi-Rere Ata H


I’m Maryana: a mum, foodie, certified holistic health coach/wellness strategist and founder of Raised on Real Food. I invite you to join me on my journey of health, motherhood, natural living and ongoing learning.

I'm also here to reframe the way we look at allergies and eczema, and family wellness in general. I launched my first community in 2012 and am grateful to now have 30,000 people across my social media platforms where I share my passion and knowledge using mindful content, honesty and humour to make a meaningful difference.


I know that constantly second guessing ourselves is exhausting so if we can direct our energies, find that fire and get productive rather than just busy, amazing results often follow. How do I know? I have a range of powerful testimonials from those who have worked with me.



I get it - you're already in many free groups including mine. This is my work and I am hugely proud of how they introduced  key messages to thousands of families, many of whom are now eczema/allergy/constant sickness free and are eating better. However due to their sizes much of my time in there is now spent moderating, directing members to the pinned post or repeating the basic concepts. Plus Facebook algorithms can suck!


I want to share meaningful information with those who are ready.

I want to focus on those who want to take things up a notch.

Who recognise they need some extra support to help them take charge.

Who are struggling to evaluate what strategies will be most effective.

Who want guidance but also knowledge and kindness (with some straight talk).

I want you to feel heard and safe.

I know how important this journey is so this helps break through overwhelm and get you on track.

This is about so much more than just being in a group. Alongside the extra resources and tools, I am super excited about working more closely with those who really believe in this movement. Your input will help to shape my first online course - a roadmap to creating vibrant families from the inside out! In return, I'll gift VIP members access for free... read more below.


Oh that old chestnut. I am so proud and grateful to be one. Mums are f**king awesome. Parents and caregivers are a diverse group of individuals who often do whatever it takes for those they love, even when exhausted beyond belief themselves. I get fired up about helping parents and caregivers because I know our desire to nurture is strong and yet most of us only have a certain number of resources (financial, physical, mental, emotional) to draw from. We are all busy, increasingly so, so it's what we do with our time that matters.


I dp also happen to be a certified Holistic Health and Integrative Nutrition Coach (with IIN).

I reversed my daughter’s allergies and eczema because I refused to accept it was just bad luck or a deficiency of the latest expensive cream. I followed my instincts to self-research and take informed action. I also have a professional background in marketing and management where I worked my way up from a receptionist to leading a marketing and communications team. No degree, just a lot of hard work.

I am also tenacious, a question asker, a little sarcastic, goofy, compassionate, empathetic, vulnerable, articulate and a messy Virgo. My desk has crap all over it. I don't drink. I hate vacumming. I sometimes let the negative self-talk take over, other times I'll shout my virtues from the rooftops. Basically, I'm real. 

Am I registered naturopath or dietitian? No. I'm not medically trained but I respect the often vital role it plays. I believe I can play a different role in helping families reach their wellness goals. It's my focus on clearly explaining concepts and strategies and cut through all the BS which leads so many to finally take action.

Feel free to check out what others have said about me


I want this to be about the right people, where I get to know you and you get to know me. It is about connecting with like-minded people where we bond over similar attitudes, experience and goals while combining our wisdom (because nobody knows it all) and having intelligent and indepth learning opportunities. The right attitude alongside the technology is all you need. I'll do my best for the rest.


 This is pretty cool. I’m going to develop an online course designed to give kiwi families more practical tools and support to show them how to help thrive naturally. I’ll be asking my Inner Circle to help provide some direction and feedback, and in return I’ll give them access to the finished product for free.


Spoiler alert: This will cost $89 alone which is more than the Inner Circle membership fee!!!!


This is about breaking down steps into bite-size pieces that teach you how to be more health aware and make adjustments at your own pace as you decide on which new wellness strategies to incorporate. It is ninety days to commit to getting on track in a way that fits your life, so you can give it your all.


Post any question to the private group where and when you like, but know the theme days in The Healing Tribe also won’t apply to you while you're a paid up member! Just add the #VIP hashtag to your post.

Less rules. You’ll be asked to be kind, stay on track, respect privacy (no sharing) and or try to sell or promote stuff. I will still moderate where needed to ensure we stay on track and useful!
We’ll discover new aspects to food and wellness with a focus on learning and taking action.

Direct access to me. I’ll be *hands-on*  and active pretty much every week day.

I’ll also hold weekly Q&A threads where you can ask whatever you like.

A place to get honest input, meaningful information and both practical and emotional support.

The chance to be interviewed by myself and showcase your story (and blog) to the rest of the group.

I’ll share with you what I’m loving - whether it’s a food, product, book, link etc - and you can do the same.

Weekly education threads with topics such as: Immune Boosting Nutrition for Families, Natural Cleaning Products, Gut Healing on a Budget, Basic Mineral Balancing, Fussy Eating Strategies, Bedwetting/Toileting/Digestive Stuff, Breastfeeding/Formula/Alternatives, Managing Big Emotions from Little People, Strategies for Navigating Birthday Parties, Mindset + Visualisation, Navigating Testing and Managing Histamine Intolerances.


Based around the food I make for my own family such as: Roast Chicken and Onion Broth (seriously easy and delish), Magic Mineral Fudge Bites (great for balancing hormones and minerals), HFLC Chicken Breast Pizza Base (two versions - one with cheese and the other dairy free!), Carrot Cake Lunchbox Cookies (as good as it sounds) and Winter Nettle Infusion (great for kids to boost immunity!)

Because I'm incredibly grateful you'll be joining my vision for taking community to the next level, as long as you don’t break your subscription, you’ll never pay more than the initial intake price for each subsequent intake. Those who choose to wait will have to pay more.


>> You should join if... <<


1. You want more tools, motivation and support to learn how to truly nourish your family.
2. You want support from me at a lower investment than my private coaching.
3. You have been a client in the past and still want to work with me at some level.
4. You’re keen to give input into my online course and get free access in return.
5. You’re tired of getting in your own way and want to take control.
6. You want to start connecting the dots and focus on small changes that will have a big impact.
7. You need a wee kick up the backside to kickstart those changes you've been contemplating for ages!
8. You’d feel more comfortable engaging in a smaller more private space.
9. You’re sick of scrolling through groups and getting overwhelmed with the noise, most of it irrelevant.

>> What you get <<

One nutrient dense recipe emailed to you every week for 12 weeks.
One free copy of my ‘For Real’ recipe eBook (if you already have it, you can gift on)
Free access to my first online course that you’re also going to help shape.
Access to a private members group during your membership with some special benefits.

A standing rate of $79 for future consective intakes, while everyone else pays more.

A replacement for 1:1 treatment or medical advice from a professional.

A replacement for 1:1 coaching.
An intensive online program.
A place to focus only on how hard everything is. Yes, wellness journeys can be extremely challenging and sometimes we need to rant and raise our issues so we can troubleshoot how to move past them, however this program will suit those who don't want to stay in that spot.
A place to get diagnosed, talk about dosages or receive medical advice.

Doing it alone can feel a bit shit and overwhelming but with me and others, it can feel way more fun and sustainable. I’ve got the testimonials to show my work has created lasting results for many, who only wished they'd started sooner, so I’m confident that if you join and show up, you’ll get some great shifts too.

>> Next Steps <<

Sign up for the first three-month intake for only $79.
Minimum of 50 people and a maximum of 150.

If you don't want to pay via Paypal using the link above, shoot me an email with your details and I'll give you the bank account to pay your registration into.


This is ridiculously good value when you consider this also includes an online course priced at $89 that you will get to help shape! Due to the nature of the benefits, payment plans are not available for this intake. Plus it works out at only 0.87c a day. Madness. Act fast because once they are filled, you’ll go on the waitlist for the next intake which will be much later this year and will cost more.

The first INNER CIRCLE program will officially begin on Monday 30 April.

Final date for joining is Sunday 29 April or earlier if spaces are filled. After this, the doors will close.


I’m confident this is going to offer some serious value and benefit and that the knowledge you will gain will help set you up for success beyond this program, however if you join and find it’s not for you within the first 14 days, we can part ways and I’ll refund your investment.

So don’t delay, register now before we fill up!

Terms of Use:

As a member of the Inner Circle, you agree anything you read will be of your own free will, and to take any information provided at your own risk. The information presented by Raised on Real Food or myself (Maryana Lishman) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. While it is intended to be helpful and informative, it does not constitute medical, legal or other professional advice. I cannot be held responsible for how different members may apply any information they discover. I am not a doctor or a registered dietician and I do not provide medical advice or treat any disease/s. If you’re experiencing an acute or chronic diagnosed condition you should work with your physician to determine the best course of action. Medical clearance should be obtained before beginning or modifying any diet, exercise, or lifestyle program.

Raised on Real Food is a nutrition and wellbeing website and offers holistic health coaching, advocacy, influencer and blogging services.

Topics are discussed to educate, inspire and motivate by sharing and curating of personal experiences and concepts that I consider helpful, to help others navigate through their own journeys.

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