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white chocolate hazelnut spread

Three ingredients that make a solid ten - this is creamy and dreamy. It's like Nutella but without the sugar and a more subtle chocolate flavour. I do recommend a monkfruit or allulose sweetened white chocolate product such as the Choc Zero brand that I buy from iherb to avoid the minty aftertaste that comes with erythritol.

Contains nuts and dairy. Keto friendly.


1 pack white chocolate chips (these are sugar free)

2 tablespoons cacao butter

190g hazelnut butter

  1. Melt the white chocolate with cacao butter in a water bath by placing a glass bowl over a pot of shallow simmering water, and allowing to gently melt while stirring occasionally. 

  2. When the chocolate has melted completely, add the hazelnut butter, stirring together until completely incorporated.


Lazy: Pour into a clean glass jar so you can grab a (clean) tablespoon whenever you want some!

Expert: pour into silicone moulds to make individual fat bombs. 


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