Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach,  Family Wellness Strategist, Real Food Writer

Maryana was introduced to the principles of holistic health when her daughter was diagnosed with eczema and food allergies to which she dedicated herself to learning how to resolve naturally. She now helps empower other mums to build and implement a strong nutrition and lifestyle foundation. She lives in New Zealand with her husband, daughter and three rescue animals - they enjoy travelling, beach and bush walks and good food!



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About this Website: Maryana Lishman is an Integrative Nutrition and Holistic Eczema Coach, Family Wellness Strategist and Real Food Writer who is passionate about supporting and empowering families to reach their health goals. All information, opinions, and recipes provided are her own and should not be taken as prescriptive or medical advice. Please seek professional advice before making changes to your diet or lifestyle. Read our full disclaimers here. The majority of the links are affiliate links, which means when you purchase that product, I will receive a commission.

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