"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference" Robert Frost

What does a Health Coach do anyway?

Firstly, it may be helpful to clarify any potential confusion between a Health Coach, a Nutritionist and a Naturopath. Most people have heard of Naturopathy by now and a Nutritionist is fairly self-explanatory, but the profession of Health Coaching is still rather new…

A NATUROPATH is a therapist who practises naturopathy – the study of natural medicine. They are trained in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, iridology, colour therapy, reflexology, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy and homeopathy.

A NUTRITIONIST is a person who has studied, and is an expert in food and nutrition.

A HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH is a mentor who works with clients to achieve their wellness goals. By addressing all the facets of health in addition to eating – such as relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality – Health Coaches help people become healthier and happier. I chose eto study this because I felt like there was a huge demand for this type of support – people are getting sicker and they need more help to get themselves well. So rather than just giving a protocol to follow (which has it’s place, absolutely), they help to educate and empower.

These roles above do not necessarily compete with each other. As you can see, they all offer something different and are often complementary – every situation requires a customised approach and together we can all work together as part of your health team for you. And sometimes depending on where you are at with your health journey and what type of support you need, just working with one of us is enough.

We all offer their own benefits but given I am a Holistic Health Coach, I’m going to take a second to explain to you why working with me can be helpful!

1. We work TOGETHER to can formulate an effective plan to help you reach your goals. I studied numerous dietary plans, and can help you find a way of eating that works for you. My specialty is around working with individuals and families regarding gut healing, real food and natural living – often, but not always, centering around food allergies and intolerances. My coaching empowers and encourages families to take control of their health through food and lifestyle choices. I save you time and money by removing some of the guesswork, allowing you to better focus your energies and with regular contact, I can also help you create a more nourishing and sustainable lifestyle.

2. Our daughter was unexpectedly diagnosed with multiple food allergies in 2011. At first I was overwhelmed; however once I learned that up to 80% of our immune system is housed in our gut, I focused on the understanding that when gut healing begins, inflammation is reduced and improved health follows. I discovered many other insights, including my purpose and passion: a desire to support others who find themselves on similar journeys. Because I’ve been there, I know healing leaky gut isn’t always easy and that there is rarely a magic bullet. It requires commitment, time and effort. And I know if you can hang in there and get some support, the rewards are worth it.

I also work with families who are wanting support to transitioning to a real food based way of eating, and even businesses who need some help with that as well!

3. I believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means we will look at how all the parts of your life may be affecting the situation and help you address these. I’m here to ask you the right questions and help guide you to find the answers you need.

4. I don’t focus on calories or macronutrients etc. There will be no prescribed list of good or bad foods because I believe in bio-individuality (that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to health and wellness) and crowding out (replacing unhealthy choices with far more effective alternatives). We’ll work together to help you develop a deeper understanding of the impacts of your food and lifestyle choices to help you create sustainable, lasting change.

Of course doing that in a single session isn’t very likely – those are more for follow ups or basic questions. The best results are when we can work together over a period of time.

Are you ready to get started? Contact me today!

“Maryana was my HOPE! (She) is a wealth of information and advice, not just about gut healing but also on how I could overcome my guilt, sadness and anger about the journey I have been on…”




That makes me happy. I love to write - it's a creative outlet of expression for me which brings me much enjoyment, even when talking about serious topics. If something has resonated with you and you'd like to explore further please get in touch, or if you'd like to shout a coffee to say thanks, I'll be incredibly grateful for the support. Either way, I'm grateful you've read my work.

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Maryana was introduced to the principles of holistic family wellness when her daughter was diagnosed with eczema and food allergies as an infant. She dedicated herself to deep diving how to resolve these naturally and now helps other families to implement a strong nutrition and lifestyle foundation to build beautiful skin and balanced immunity from the inside out. She lives in New Zealand with her integrative wellness practitioner husband, their daughter and three rescue animals.

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Maryana Lishman is an Integrative Nutrition and Holistic Eczema Coach who is passionate about supporting and empowering families to reach their health goals. All information, opinions, and recipes provided on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition and are not a substitute for advice from  your doctor.  are her own and should not be taken as prescriptive or medical advice. Please seek professional advice before making changes to your diet or lifestyle.  Throughout this site, there are various affiliate links I may earn a small commission from, at no extra cost to you, should you decide to purchase.

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