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The oral care system you need to know about.

Updated: May 10, 2023

Introducing Dr Hisham Abdalla and his inspirational and exceptional dental range designed to support optimal well-being of the entire body.

Here at Raised on Real Food, we are quite pedantic about what we put on or in our bodies - as I'm sure you have figured out by now. Having to unexpectedly deal with multiple health issues with our daughter when she was still a wee baby (eczema, multiple food allergies and Failure to Thrive) meant huge changes in almost every aspect of our lives so that we could begin to resolve these symptoms from the inside out. As part of that process we began to very closely investigate all of our personal care products and for a long time, dental care was the one thing we had to compromise a little on because it was so difficult to find a range that ticked all our boxes and that we actually liked.

So we were pretty excited to hear about Dr Hisham's Holistic Oral Care System. Since trying the entire range, we've become huge fans of both the products and the man himself and soon we will be sitting down with Dr Hisham on Zoom to hear more about how he came to develop this range - but in the meantime I'm super keen to tell more about this system and how it could help you and your family.

We talk a lot about gut health and the microbiome and how it relates to immune and skin health, not always considering that the bacterial profile in our mouths also plays a fundamental role - which makes sense as it's one of the initial elements of the digestive process.

I think one of the key reasons I resonate so much with Dr Hisham is because like us, his precious daughter also had eczema and multiple food allergies 20 years ago as an baby. Given his background in practicing holistic dentistry and his struggle to find products he could confidently use with her, he began to ask key questions while investigating, testing and analysing the products that were in the marketplace at the time. He found there was a fundamental lack of recognition that our mouths don't work in isolation of our bodies but as a fundamental part of them - so rather than just "cleaning teeth" or managing symptoms, his philosophy became how can we proactively use oral care products to support whole body health.


Dr Hisham Abdalla creator of Holistic Oral Care System

Dr. Hisham Abdalla was the first laser cosmetic dentist in New Zealand. He is a Laser and Cosmetic Dental Surgeon, the CEO of Laser LifeCARE and the developer behind his namesake range.

Not only are his dentistry skills exceptional, he is a speaker, best-selling author and educator in the fields of laser dentistry, minimally-invasive high-tech and cosmetic dentistry.

Why is this range so impressive?

Dr Hisham really understands the entire process and how our teeth and gum health can impact our overall health. This has allowed him to craft and refine over a period of time as he tests and analyses his products, staying abreast of new scientific evidence.

Not producing enough saliva can have a negative impact, not chewing our food can disrupt the enzymatic processes required to efficiently break down foods, an imbalance in the bacteria in our mouths can leak to breath that is less than fresh and increased plaque and tartar especially coupled with diets high in sugars (even natural ones) and low in nutrients. Like our skin, symptoms can quickly show when factors come together to disrupt our natural balance. While we can actively do things like reduce the sugars we ingest sometimes it's not just what we take out - we also have to consider what we put back in to nurture our oral health and use products that actively nourish and protect, rather than inflame, disrupt or further add to our toxin load.

Being just "organic" or "natural" is a great start over many of the supermarket toothpastes with their awful ingredients however without the knowledge to formulate appropriately, they can actually trigger their own set of issues. I remember when charcoal tooth powders were all the rage especially home-made ones made by cottage brands but quickly it became clear they weren't designed by knowledgeable people who understood the topic. I remember after a few weeks of using those powders, not only did my sink look DISGUSTING but my teeth actually began to hurt. I stopped using them and immediately my teeth began to recover. Good intentions are great however oral health care is not as simple as removing fluoride, googling ingredients and throwing them together to sell to consumers - we deserve better.

Recognizing our mouths are a key element to our health and can help us feel better is where this range comes in as the magic is not just in the individual ingredients but the synergistic and balancing effects of when they all come together. He takes the word "natural" to mean not just coming from a natural source but are natural for our bodies and that's why it's unlike anything else on the market.

Here are some of the key benefits of the Dr Hisham's Holistic Oral Care System:

Uses food grade ingredients to support whole body health.

Fluoride free, low toxin and detergent/abrasives free.

Ingredients that work in harmony.

The first oral care products to contain lip-soluble vitamins K2 and D3.

Effective and efficient.

Environmentally friendly - packaging is recyclable, BPA free and refillable.

Designed by a passionate and knowledgeable expert who threw out the rule book to find what actually helps.

Vegan, low-toxin and allergen friendly. Products comply with halal, kosher, vegetarian, keto and paleo with no animal testing.

Handmade with love in New Zealand, supporting the local economy.

This is truly a range that has spared no attention to detail. Most of the ingredients come from Europe and New Zealand from suppliers who use eco-friendly manufacturing processes and the water is non-fluoridated from an aquifer in the Bay of Plenty. The birch xylitol is Finnish, avoiding the cheap corn based xylitol (remember that xylitol is extremely harmful to dogs).

Nurturing your oral health is a mixture of nourishing your body, stimulating salivary flow, brushing gently, avoiding excess sugars, keeping bacteria in balance, staying hydrated, chewing and avoiding harmful ingredients. Saliva contains minerals to neutralise acids, help remineralise and antibodies to keep bacteria in check. Using the Dr Hisham's Holistic Oral Care System can help you nourish and nurture your whole mouth, naturally which is why it has so many fans.

Check out the full Hisham Oral Care System here. This blog article was published thanks to the support of Dr Hisham Abdalla.


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