Managing Stress. A Guest Post by Greg Villers.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Something we often miss when talking about gut healing for allergies or eczema etc, is the other factors that come into play when looking at our wellbeing. In this modern world, it would be naive to believe that stress (and I don't just mean emotional stress but also tiredness, dehydration, time poor, feelings of being overwhelmed or out of control etc) isn't a significant factor when it comes to our health. Part of my health coaching practice is to start addressing these aspects with clients, and part of my own personal development has been to work with Greg on this as well - we all know that this journey, in fact probably everyone's journeys, can be pretty stressful these days.

I certainly do see a correlation between eczema/allergy issues in children and mothers who often feel unequipped to deal with the stress in their own lives, so I hope you enjoy this read - it has some great information and practical support to start looking at how you are managing stress x



BY GREG VILLERS In my Transformational Healing practice I see many stress related cases all of which respond well to the Energy Clearing processes I use. Stress is a part of our lives, which affects us all to varying degrees. The following may be of use in understanding more about how to effectively deal with stress.

It is widely recognised that stress / anxiety has a significant effect on our health and well-being. Knowing this it behooves us to learn effective ways of dealing with the stress that can undermine our ability to enjoy a wonderful quality of life. Much has been written about the harmful effects of ongoing stress so I won’t be focusing on that in this short article. Rather we will be looking at ways of keeping ourselves in a balanced state that transcends stress.

This begins with our mind for it is our mind and the thoughts we think that create what we feel (simplistic overview but accurate). Any time something happens to us, we always have a choice as to how we respond. For instance we may be confronted with a challenging financial situation where we are struggling to make ends meet. In this case if we focus on the lack of in this case, money, we will probably feel quite stressed, as we can’t see beyond what we don’t have. Anytime we focus on lack we will generally not feel good. At such times we need to focus on all of the good that is in our lives, as we need to feel good in order to manifest what we do want. Practicing gratitude with always make us feel better and when we feel better we are more in alignment with the Universal Forces that are responsible for manifesting our desires.

Practicing gratitude is a powerful way of helping us to feel better as when we are grateful for all that we do have in our lives then we are more likely to attract more good things. Gratitude = Great attitude. When we shift our attention away from what is “wrong” in our lives, to all that is right in our lives we will feel more at peace and stress will dissipate. That doesn’t mean the source of our stress goes away but it does mean we are less affected by that thing. We are then able to come from a position of power, as often when we are consumed by stress we feel powerless to do anything about it.

Louise Hay says this about stress:

“There is so much stress in our day to day existence. Stress is a fear reaction to life and to life’s constant changes. Stress has become a catch word and we use it as an excuse for not taking responsibility for our feelings. If we can equate the word stress with the word fear, then we can begin to eliminate the need for fear in our life. A peaceful and relaxed person is neither frightened nor stressed. Why are we afraid? Why do we give our power away? How can we eliminate that fear and move through life feeling safe?

One of the most powerful ways of finding peace and calmness in any situation is to move consciously from our head to our Heart. In accessing our heart Space, we are tapping into a level of awareness that that transcends our lower fear based thinking.

Try this exercise - it has been adapted from a process shared by the Institute of Heart Math:

Sit quietly and close your eyes whilst becoming conscious of your breath. Now place your dominant hand on your Heart. Just doing this will help you to feel more at peace. Next you are going to imagine that you are breathing in and out through your Heart, allowing yourself to breathe out more deeply than on the in breath and feeling your breath being drawn down into the Earth. Do this for 5 or 6 cycles until you feel yourself relaxing and letting go.

Now as you keep breathing in and out through your heart for the next 3 breaths you imagine that you are breathing in Love ~ Compassion and Forgiveness on the inhale and breathing out normally. Breathe in Love ~ Compassion and Forgiveness on the inhale. Breathe out normally. On the third inhalation breathe in Love ~ Compassion and Forgiveness through your Heart. On the exhale you can drop your hand and open your eyes. Notice how you feel. You may feel your Heart is warmer and more expansive and you feel lighter and clearer.

Do this process at least three times each day for a few weeks and notice the difference in your Heart Centre. The more time that you spend in your Heart, the more peace you will experience.

Another simple yet highly effective way of achieving inner peace and relief from the stress of the mind is to sit quietly with your eyes closed and focus on breathing in through your nose and out through your nose whilst maintaining your focus on the breath. You are simply observing the breath coming in and going out. Any time your thoughts intrude you just bring your attention back to the breath. Doing this even for a few minutes will help you to achieve a sense of calmness that wasn’t there before doing this.

Each of us is capable of changing how we feel therefore how we experience any situation. Relief from stress is often just a choice to feel differently about the stressful situation. Become the observer of all that is coming up for you. To do this simply say, “isn’t that interesting” in response to any thought or feeling that comes up and in doing this you will be detached enough to see things differently. Then you can make a choice on how you respond. This is very empowering.If the level of stress has been ongoing for some time then it can be difficult to shift out of that state without assistance. This is not a sign of weakness, rather a recognition that at times we all need to seek help to move us through something we are stuck in. One of the most effective ways I find to clear stress and repetitive patterns is Energetic Clearing. Generally relief can be experienced very quickly through working in this way.

To find out if this approach can help you,

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