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An evolution. Taking allergies and eczema from fear... to gratitude.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

I used to think about allergies and eczema in a total 'normal' way.

They suck. Poor kid. Why us. Life's so hard.

It was all about what we couldn't have, rather than embracing what we could.

You guys know what I mean. We've all thought it.

However I made a choice not to stay in that space. Why?

It was suffocating. Around me, so many voices told me not to get my hopes up, don't bother, it won't be worth the effort, there is no research to back any of this up, just get used to this hard way of living. And I just couldn't do it. I was so driven to make changes, none of them necessarily easy but slowly they became our new life.

In 2012, I started my first Facebook community because my daughter was thriving, healthy, eczema free with rapidly reducing allergy antibodies and I wanted to share that with others, to create the space I wish I had had. Later I would evolve to train with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and with that support and education, I started this business.

I became grateful for the tests that said no dairy, soy and wheat. They helped to back up our informed choice of no dairy, soy and wheat anyway. I reclaimed my power and embraced traditional whole foods and a low toxin way of living but mostly I embraced evolution.

I became grateful for so many things. Eczema. Allergies. The internet. People who were willing to help and share and support. Learning. Being open to changing my mindset, and thus changing my actions. Good food. Realising a life driven by fear is really not much of a life. The drive and tools to create change. Just grateful.

Now I get to help other mums and individuals realise they also have the ability to evolve - and learn to look at these situations which from the outset don't always look so positive, and evolve them into something meaningful and potentially life changing.

So today's word is clearly evolution. What say you?


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