Why Real Food Matters to Me.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

When I was a young girl, I used to grab out cooking utensils and recipe books from the bottom drawer in the kitchen and "play" cooking.

I loved immersing myself in the act of whisking, folding, baking, creating out of some trays, utensils and thin air. It's a big childhood memory for me.

{Me at approx three years old - cool dress and wallpaper, huh?} Growing up, food was an important part of our household and with two immigrant parents working their guts out in full time work well beneath their university level just to feed and house their two young children, I truly looked forward to my mum's home cooked meals. At some point my own tastes began to move away from hers. She loved replicating the meals her grandmothers had made for her but I wanted to explore new foods! Curries! Flavours! Spices! Roasts! So eventually my childhood game became real and I got into the kitchen and experimented.

* * *

I've known eating real food since before it had a name or label but it was while going through the experience of healing my daughter's allergies and eczema, I really began to appreciate the role that food plays in our lives and how it nourishes us, but also connects us. There is more to the story that I'll maybe write another time because like a lot of us, I have a complex and sometimes painful relationship with food and my body but in the last nine years, real food to me has come to mean so much: Fuel. Connection. Enjoyment. Nourishment. Purpose. Community. Healing.

Real food is just one part of a healthy lifestyle - movement, relationships, stress and nutrition all play a role so while eating real food is not the be all and end all, it does provide the fuel and as such, goes a long way. Here's are my top ten reasons of why real food is so important to me:

  1. Unprocessed food is loaded with nutrients to support optimal health.

  2. It is much easier for bodies to digest which means more internal energy and resources can be dedicated towards healing.

  3. It's good for your skin, especially those essential fatty acids and unprocessed proteins.

  4. Sustainable agriculture is better for the environment and decreases non-biodegradable waste or monocrops.

  5. Helps to lower inflammation especially with healthy fats such as avocado, sardines, beef and raw dairy. A diet high in unprocessed animal foods, nuts, eggs and local, seasonal produce in moderation is low in sugar and also helps to control blood sugars/insulin.

  6. It costs less in the long run. While real food is more expensive, it often also correlates to a smaller spend on medical supplies and better health outcomes, and offers more bang for buck in terms of satisfying nutrients meaning you aren't hungry again 20 minutes after you eat.

  7. Good for your gut, feeding beneficial gut bacteria.

  8. It sets a great example to children to listen to their bodies and focus more on the quality of what they eat and how it helps make their bodies feel more healthy and strong.

  9. Supports local farmers, which supports better agriculture and food accessibility.

  10. It tastes amazing. You can't deny the incredible flavour profile of fresh unprocessed food.

* * *

After my daughter's allergies and eczema became distant memories and the focus was more on establishing this as our normal rather than being in full on 'gut healing' mode, and watching her enjoy her food THAT I MADE with delightful abandon and happy kitten noises, I decided to start collating my favourite recipes into an ebook. A gift from my kitchen to theirs.

My goal is to help make real food more accessible and recognisable, so that it moves closer back to being the norm, and this offering is one way I can do my part to make that happen.

This is when I decided to develop For Real, an electronic collection of my recipes which I invite you to explore if you feel called, currently on sale for only $5.99 right here:

Purchase For Real for only $5.99

What does real food mean to you? With love,



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