"I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it." Mae West

a place to start

"My baby has eczema. Now what?"


Hang on. This isn't what parenting is meant to be like. An upset baby, itching and/or weeping skin, lack of sleep, strangers giving unsolicited advice - and the helplessness of not being able to make it just go away, no matter how many creams you try.

When my daughter was born, her dry skin came has a complete surprise. Wanting to be a 'good mum' I took her to the doctor only to be told this was both normal and bad luck, told not to be silly in investigating food and lifestyle, and dismissed with a script for stronger steroid cream. Which also didn't work.

So I started asking questions, not stopping until I got better answers - and then I put that knowledge into practice. After our surprisingly fast journey to resolving her allergies and symptoms, I founded The Healing Tribe community as a place to share our story with like-minded people and facilitate real-life conversations to deepen our collective wisdom.


Now I help families all over the world gain a deeper understanding of their skin and gut health, so it becomes less confusing and scary. With my support, they can connect the dots to investigate and address the root triggers to help them build smooth and supple skin, and balanced immunity, from the inside out.

You're not alone and this is not in your head. Eczema is common but that doesn't make it normal so follow your gut and learn how you can make a real difference, starting today, no matt

While I'm a huge fan of the DIY approach, if you want to work with someone to help you save time, money and sanity, please get in touch to see if I can help, otherwise I hope the below links are helpful for you as a place to start.

an overview of our journey

When you're told your five month old has multiple food allergies, eczema and Failure to Thrive, it puts a whole new spin on parenting. Our experience is what inspires the work I do now. Read our story in transforming her health from the inside out.

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my integrative take on eczema

In the search for answers for my own daughter as a baby with eczema of which I knew absolutely nothing about what it was, I've since developed my own 'take' which I infuse into my work with families across the world.

sash trampoline.jpg 2015-6-13-19:59:13
navigating testing

Food. Oh how we love it! If only all foods loved us back though. This overview can help you understand how to start determining key triggers and explains the difference between allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.

histamine intolerance - the basics

We've all heard of antihistamines but what is this chemical and why is it often a factor we need to investigate?

shop my fave natural products

From probiotics to skin care and more, discover some of my faves!

Learning to Swim
chlorine and the skin

We can't always avoid this trigger but we can take steps to reduce our exposure, and support our bodies when symptoms do appear!

Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline
gentle, skin-friendly laundry solutions

I'm super happy you're rethinking your laundry detergent! Many often trigger inflammation which is not what we want. Going natural can often mean doing laundry a little differently though so read on.

the reality - and benefits - of gut healing

The adventure of healing eczema and allergies is not always easy. Given this, it's a wonder anyone tries it at all! I'm not writing this to scare you off. Actually, the opposite so read on for some real talk.

winter wellness and boosting immunity

It's definitely more challenging to keep well during the cooler months, however winter isn't the only time we may need some extra help...

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