"I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it." Mae West

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"My baby has eczema. Now what?"


Once upon a time there were two brand new parents whose infant daughter had very dry skin, which surprised them - this wasn't in any of the baby books! The mum, being a good mum, asked at the doctor's only to be told this is normal and dismissed with a script for steroid cream and a foul smelling bath product. So she started to ask herself some big questions - only this time, she wasn't going to stop until she got better answers, even if she had to find them herself.

That mum was me and you can read more of our story below.


While I'm a huge fan of the DIY approach, if you want to work with someone to help you save time, money and sanity, please get in touch to see if I can help, otherwise I hope the below links are helpful for you as a place to start!

An Overview of Our Story

My daughter was diagnosed with allergies, eczema and Failure to Thrive as an infant. Here is how we navigated her recovery, naturally.

How I Look at Eczema

And why I'm convinced it's best addressed as an "inside" job

Navigating the Testing Process

Learn the difference between allergies, intolerances and sensitivities - and how to test for

Work with Me 1:1 - Integrative Eczema and Nutrition Online Clinic

Let someone else (me) do the hard work and help you connect with helpful support, strategies and insights

An easy to understand overview of this widespread issue!

Save 5% on all iHerb orders

With referral code GVJ251 you can save on a bunch of incredible products!

Shop My Fave Eczema Friendly Products

My hand selected list, with the gentle and natural in mind.

Gut Healing: Not Easy but Worth it

In my experience

Gentle, Skin-Friendly Laundry Solutions

Low-toxin solutions that are likely to be safe and effective for all family members

Eczema and Chlorine

There are things you can do

Dairy and Gluten Free Recipe Ideas

Check out some of my free recipes here.

Safe Food Eating Guide Template

Use this as a resource guide to give to caregivers, grandparents etc.

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