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holistic eczema clinic

Maryana Lishman
I see you, mama.

Joining all the Facebook groups to educate yourself.

Playing the guessing game only to end up wondering if it's your fault.

Staying up late at night, watching your child itch. Everyone is crying and exhausted, and out of ideas.

Standing at the supermarket reading every label, and then reading them again. Just to be sure.

Watching other kids eat anything they want, with no worries. You're happy for them, but you can't help but feel sad especially when a stranger comes up to you and starts telling you about a cream. Gee, a cream? Why didn't you think of that.

Applying cream after cream, hoping this one will be "the" one.

Going dairy free even though you really love cheese, because you'll try anything for your baby.

Seeing the doctor for new ideas, only to be told steroid creams are fine and eczema is just bad luck.

You try so hard to fix it, and yet it feels like you've tried everything with little success.

Spending hours in the kitchen making every meal and snack from scratch when all you want to do is order in Uber Eats and watch Love Island.

No matter what you do, you feel like you're missing the big picture. You're tired, disappointed and all you want is someone to tell you what to do next.

In case nobody has told you today, you're amazing.
I see you. And I believe in you.

Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is particularly common among the young, occurring in 15% of children and 9% of adolescents. It is estimated that around 1 in 10 of us will develop eczema during our lifetimes.  A debilitating condition that affects the quality of life for the entire family with itching, sleep disturbances and anxiety the most common issues while costing thousands of dollars each year to manage. The burden of eczema is the highest for children and women.

One of the challenges is that eczema is often a multi-factorial issue and yet so much advice only focuses on creams that don't address why the skin became inflamed in the first place. Medical advice hasn't changed with the times so even though now we know a lot more about the consequences of relying on steroid creams and the relationship between the skin and gut, we are being told there is no way of resolving eczema. Just managing it.

But that isn't actually true.

eczema is tough, but so are you.

If you're struggling with skin stuff, I know how difficult it can be - but I also know lasting healing is possible even if you feel you've tried everything. My free eczema guide and the links below are designed to get you started.


why work with me?

Are you tired of the constant battle with eczema, feeling like you've tried everything? It's time for a change. At Raised on Real Food, we don't just believe in managing symptoms, we believe we can help you beat them for good just like we've helped hundreds of others, even after they'd seen multiple practitioners beforehand.


A foundational approach can lead to significant and long-lasting shifts. Our one-one-one integrative nutrition consults taps into the power of combining a strong holistic philosophy with personalised strategies. Your situation is unique, and so is your path to healing so I'll work with you to give you the education and support with a customised action plan that will help instill a sense of control and ownership over your skin and gut health journey.

together we will...

Address common misconceptions about eczema and allergies.

Identify primary triggers and other contributing factors.

Optimise your skin, gut and digestive health.

Develop a nourishing effective topical program.

Lower your overall toxin burden and reduce congestion.

Outline which nourishing foods to focus on.

Build a stronger health foundation for sustainable, long-term results.

My clinic is just me, meaning I can offer you a dedicated personal holistic service where healing is the norm, not the exception. Don't forget to follow us on instagram @raisedonrealfood to stay up to date with our latest skin, gut and nutrition content to help inspire and educate our community.

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