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Doctors are quick to prescribe steroid creams - and even quicker to avoid any discussions about the influence that gut health, nutrition and lifestyle has on our skin.

The skincare industry wants us to buy their creams over and over, not mentioning some ingredients they use are actually designed to keep us in a cycle of reliance.

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The supplement industry wants to buy their products over and over, so that we believe gut healing equates to buying expensive mega dose vitamins forever.

We are conditioned to see symptoms as annoyances to be suppressed as quickly as possible, rather than opportunities to listen to our bodies and make gentle shifts.

The current approach leaves people feeling hopeless buying product after product with minimal results, confused by all the terminology, unsure what to try next when the cream everyone raves about didn't help, trapped in a state of overwhelm not helped by the negative environment of many online forums... and exhausted reading the contradictory and conflicting pieces of advice, leading them to believe it all just sounds too hard and overwhelming.

Lack of sleep, itchy skin and the added joy of so much unsolicited advice. Add the helplessness of not seeing results no matter how many different creams you try - and no wonder so many families are going beyond steroid creams and bleach baths to address symptoms at their root cause.


Eczema is common but that doesn't make it normal, a case of bad luck or something you just have to learn to live with - even if you've been dealing with it a long time. The below links are designed to get you started, but if you want to work with a knowledgeable and passionate expert who can help you take control and get to the root cause, let's chat.

helping gutsy families make 'rash' decisions.


My daughter was once covered in eczema as an infant. As I dedicated myself to learning as much as I could and then putting into action, everything began to change. She began to not only recover, but also thrive. Not only did she not catch a single cough or infection during daycare, her skin became supple and her eyes clear. Her moods were stable and her digestion was strong.


Gut healing changed everything for us. It helped us make food our ally, rather than our enemy and transformed our worry and overwhelm into calm confidence and trusting our observations.


I learned an incredible amount about skin and gut health and how to put it into practice in a way that feels empowering and achievable, which is why I would love to help you do the same. I've worked with hundreds of families around the world, so that you can better understand how you also have the power to positively influence your family's health experience at home.

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