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eczema clinic

Maryana Lishman

skin healing starts here.

Tired of endlessly searching for solutions to you or your child's eczema, only to be met with disappointment? Nights spent watching them itch, trying every cream, eliminating every food you've ever enjoyed and feeling lost in a sea of conflicting advice can be an overwhelming cycle of frustration and fear, not knowing what to try next or if it's even possible to heal for good.

You're not alone. I've been there too - that's why I'm here to tell you there's hope.

You've found the spot of the internet dedicated to helping you take control from the inside out.  Eczema isn't a cream deficiency - it's actually a complex interplay of factors - and while it may be increasingly common, it's a symptom that is far from normal.

In my online clinic, we'll actually address the root causes. Whether it's allergies, gut health or something else, I'll help you take a holistic approach tailored to you and your needs.


start here

Ready to get started? Download my free eczema guide and check out the links below to discover practical strategies, gain insights into the gut-skin connection and begin taking steps.

If you're wanting to take control faster, let's book an initial online consultation and get straight to the good stuff. As a highly experienced and compassionate eczema practitioner of ten years, you'll get a foundational approach that cuts through the noise outlining tailored dietary and lifestyle adjustments with holistic guidance on testing, products, supplements and more to educate and empower you. Rather than just a temporary fix, I'll help you investigate and address triggers and root causes, how to optimise gut health for better skin, immunity and digestion, unlock your body's innate healing pathways and embrace the foods that help lay a strong integrative nutrition foundation for lasting wellness and results.

I'm here to help you get unstuck with a plan that let's you move forward with confidence and clarity, and you'll also get to pick my brain because I love watching my clients succeed.

I'm also not just about eczema. From allergies to cradle cap, colic to histamine intolerance, I specialise in a range of conditions affecting skin, gut and immune health so whether you're new to the holistic approach or just after trouble-shooting, I'm here to help.

Not convinced? Check out my testimonials to read what my clients have to say.

Don't let eczema or other symptoms hold you back any longer - schedule your online consultation today. Spaces are limited.


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