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customised nutrition and lifestyle advice to support optimal skin, gut and immune health


Time to stop the overwhelm. Instead, let's simplify and supercharge you and your family's wellness, with answers, guided gut healing support for specific and overall wellness and an action plan that actually makes sense.

The first step is to find out all about you and the challenges you're facing. Then we have a robust discussion with explanations for symptoms that start connecting the dots, along with practical insights and expert guidance. Not only am I able to see patterns others usually miss, my down to earth approach breaks down what's going on, with language you can understand.

I will then utilise my experience to tailor a wellness action plan outlining what we've discussed with my recommendations so you can begin taking steps towards addressing the root cause/s, while actively building a stronger nutrition and wellness foundation. Credited by many as the reason they were finally able to get results, I'm here to help you achieve epic wellness goals.


My main areas of expertise are in guided gut healing for the following areas:

eczema, hives, psoriasis, staph, cradle cap, topical steroid withdrawal


leaky gut, histamine + mast cell challenges

digestive issues i.e. colic, reflux, FPIES and IBS

constant colds, picky food behaviours, asthma and more

nutrient dense eating and low-toxin households


Ready to get started? Review the below, then go ahead and book your online consultation. 

If my calendar does not suit your availability, just send me an email to arrange a custom time slot.

look forward to supporting you on your journey.


No matter where you live, we can connect thanks to the magic of the internet. All sessions take place virtually with Google Meet, allowing us to connect in a secure call. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a quiet space to talk.  Note calls are voice calls for a less distracting experience.


You will be invited to pay for your session via Stripe or Paypal once you have selected a time and date in order to confirm your appointment. All fees are written and charged in NZD and do not include the cost of any testing, supplements or other optional recommendations that may be made.

If you need to reschedule, let me know asap which allows us to offer this slot to those on our wait list. There is a fee if appointments are missed/cancelled with <48 hours notice - see our policy here.

Initial Consults

If you're not sure what to expect in an initial consultation, you may find this quick outline helpful.

I use a comprehensive health history form for all new clients - a link is included in your confirmation email. If you have any test results, images or other useful info, attach to this completed form.

Discovery Call

A free no-obligation 15 minute discovery call is available for you to book here. No recommendations will be provided but I can identify how I can help, answer any questions about my services and the process involved, and allow you to get a feel of my style and how we might work together.

Initial Consultation and Action Plan

This one-hour appointment where we will explore your history and situation in depth, assess and troubleshoot what you've tried so far and discuss nutrition, lifestyle, environment, gut health and other factors to help identify triggers and root causes, where you can expect to get high quality explanations and insights. Afterwards, I will prepare a tailored action plan that outlines everything we've discussed alongside dietary, lifestyle, product and testing, as well as my recipe ebook. Converts to approx USD$136.

Follow Up Consult

As wellness is a dynamic process, here we can track your progress and adjust your plan. By assessing how adjustments are going and offering further guidance and support including reviewing test results or food diaries, these sessions allows us to make tweaks, introduce new adjustments and help keep you on track towards your goals. These sessions are 30 minutes long.

Three Month Package

Best value. Ideal for those who may have more complex or stubborn symptoms, may have been dealing with them a long time including topical steroid withdrawal or just want a more hands on guided approach with regular check-ins to stay on track. Includes an initial one-hour call, two 45 minute follow-up calls, a tailored action plan and email support throughout. Payment plan available.

Express 'Acute' Call

Perfect for exploring a single acute issue. This is not an in depth consult to begin addressing chronic challenges such as eczema etc - rather for support for more day to day aspects such as looking at possible immediate nutrition, lifestyle or supplement choices such as selecting probiotics, ingredient substitutes, topical creams, allergen exposure etc.

Action Plan PDF Only

Submit a health history questionnaire and receive a comprehensive customised integrative nutrition action plan PDF on email with one follow-up email for clarification if needed. The plan includes nutrition and lifestyle education and recommendations directly relating to your wellness goals and concerns.

At-home IgG Test Kit

Food Detective is an at-home IgG blood test for food antibodies where a small blood sample is taken from a finger-prick.  New Zealand only.


Please discuss with Maryana before ordering to ensure this is an appropriate test.

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