online integrative gut and skin consultations

  Have the feeling you or your wee one may be reacting to something? A recent allergy diagnosis left you fearful and overwhelmed - or itchy or weeping skin that's not responding to the creams? For many, it may just be navigating gut healing is feeling overly challenging, and you're not sure what you're missing or what to try next.
Poor gut health doesn't just show up in our digestive systems as bloating, constipation, colic or reflux. It's also connected to our skin, immunity, respiratory systems and even weight, sleep and moods. Symptoms usually dismissed as 'normal' but feel anything but. We google them, join Facebook groups, restrict our diets, slather in coconut oil, grab any probiotic and buy the most natural looking detergent at the supermarket, all in the name of "gut health" and yet, the symptoms don't resolve and we don't really quite understand why.

The good news is that with the right support and holistic philosophies tailored to you, symptoms can be resolved at the root cause and families can thrive. As an Integrative Nutrition Coach who specialises in eczema, allergies and gut health, I have been independently researching and writing about real food, gut health and family wellness since 2011, and can help you head in a whole new direction.

Our bodies are smart with their attempts to get our attention but sometimes we don't know how to translate the signals. During our sessions which I run exclusively online via Zoom for both our convenience, we'll review what you've tried, build your knowledge and give you a safe space to ask the questions you need. You will get both emotional and practical support with down to earth suggestions, that help you put the puzzle pieces together and get to the bottom of your symptoms. Whether you're starting from scratch or just stuck and needing some clarity and direction, I'm here to help. As a bonus all initial sessions will receive a copy of my recipe ebook so you can get started with great food almost immediately. Sound good? Let's do this.


the process

I don't sell any products directly (and am staunchly against MLM and 'quick fixes') and my focus is on empowering and educating you to facilitate progress from your own home in a way that feels achievable for you. During our initial appointment, we discuss your situation and I gather as much relevant information as possible to develop a personalised integrative nutrition plan with high quality tailored strategies and recommendations for you to consider, including suggestions for appropriate testing, diagnostic tools and referrals. While my goal is to offer more rather than less and I have a history of facilitating remarkable results, it is important to understand the body often needs time to recover at it's own safe pace. The suggestions I make are specifically tailored to you and are not designed to be with shared with others.

If you live outside New Zealand and need to explore availability in your time zone, please email. I occasionally book out weeks in advance and try my best to accommodate urgent sessions, however I've to introduce a surcharge for this service. Once you have booked and paid for your session, open the health history template and be as thorough as possible when completing it. Thank you so much. Talk soon.

Initial Session on Zoom

60 minutes

One hour with Maryana for those who really want to look at how to reach their goals.

A thorough assessment of your health history, current situation and food diary review.

Nutrition, lifestyle, microbiome and wellness recommendations to support your goals.

Opportunity to ask any questions you may have in a safe and supportive space.

Initial tailored action plan so that you can be more clear on what to prioritise next.

For 'emergency' sessions, I'm happy to offer where possible but please note a surcharge will apply.

Follow Up Session on Zoom

20 minutes

I recommend booking your first follow up 4-6 weeks after your initial session so that you can check in, feel confident about how this journey is going and stay motivated and accountable.

Here we will evaluate progress, investigate any roadblocks and discuss learnings and answer any new questions you may have, and help keep you accountable.

Maryana will also help you review test results and discuss how to incorporate those.

Check in and feel confident and supported in how to progress, and stay motivated.

Six Week Intensive Support

Six weeks

For those with a chronic history of eczema or allergies to benefit from ongoing motivation and mentoring to help you get results and stay on track.

You'll be emailed a comprehensive initial integrative action plan to get started.

Have two 45-minute calls over two weeks to help you put your plan into action with accountability, check ins and support.

Following this, send unlimited emails for two weeks - great for when you need someone by your side and offering invaluable support as you work towards reaching your goals.

Electronic Action Plan Only

$63 each


  • This option is perfect for introverts, budgets, busy people or those confident in taking action and are happy to work through the information at their own pace.

  • Get customised support via  your inbox to help you build great skin and gut health from the inside out - a clear, tailored and robust action plan containing comprehensive information, suggestions and strategies tailored to your situation, with one follow-up email to get clarification if needed.

  • Take action from the ease of your own home and in your own time.

'Ask Me Anything' Package

$126 | 2 weeks


This is a fantastic option for those who feel they would benefit from some additional motivation and mentoring to help stay on track and get results.

Ask as many questions as you need during this time, about anything related to wellness.

The two weeks begins from the day of your first email.

Note that you will need to take responsibility for messaging Maryana during this time.

Maryana will aim to respond within 12-24 hours outside of weekends and public holidays.

IgG Antibody Home Test Kit

$430 per kit

Delayed or digestive reactions can be harder to pinpoint. This is a tool that can help identify foods triggering a non-IgE immune response testing 96 different foods including dairy, fish, seafood, fruit, grains, legumes, nuts, meat, poultry, eggs, herbs, spices and vegetables (takes 4-6 weeks).

  • IgG test kit for 96 foods with courier bag (NZ only).

  • Collection Method: At home blood spot.

  • Includes 1 x 20 minute follow up call to discuss results and potential next steps.

Important Notes:

  • These fees do not include the cost of any testing or foods/supplements/products that may be recommended.

  • Your investment covers the time I spend talking with you, reviewing your information, preparing/writing your summary with recommendations, undertaking research and other tasks that are relevant. I see your success as being the result of several variables including time, application, complexity and consistency.

  • Fees are shown in NZD as I am based in New Zealand.

  • Prices may be updated from time to time. Payment is required at booking via PayPal/Stripe. NZ bank transfer on request.

  • I can offer only limited support between appointments. Basic questions to clarify content in the notes is acceptable, but new or complex discussions require a follow up session to discuss sufficiently and appropriately.

  • I am not a doctor or naturopath. These sessions are for support, information and coaching purposes only, and in no way constitute a medical consultation, diagnosis, treatment or advice. You agree to take responsibility for seeking appropriate permission and input before making any dietary and lifestyle changes.

  • I understand sometimes unexpected events can arise so please advise asap if you cannot attend your appointment so we can reschedule. For cancellations within 24 hours of your booking, a 50% cancellation fee will apply. Refunds and rescheduling will not be issued for no-shows.

  • Appointments must be used within 45 days of ordering, our policy is to charge 50% as an administration fee in the case of a cancellation request after this time.

  • The six week program is to be completed within six weeks with a grace period of one week unless otherwise agreed.

  • For those requiring testing or care outside my scope, I refer onto a range of practitioners and services.