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Online Consultations

I truly understand the challenges in transforming skin, gut and immune health, offering practical solutions grounded in exceptional guidance through private online consultations.


In my clinic, I utilise bespoke food, lifestyle, product, testing and supplement suggestions as part of an integrative focus in combining root cause solutions alongside a real food foundation. My specialised area is in gut health, skin and immune conditions that include eczema, staph infections, allergies, sensitivities and histamine intolerance as well as a myriad of related challenges including asthma, digestion, mood, sleep, picky eating and more. I also see clients that simply want to improve their family's wellness by building a stronger nutrition and wellness foundation. I'm incredibly passionate about supporting an intuitive and positive connection with our food. Because of this I provide all my clients with a complimentary copy of my recipe ebook to provide fresh new kitchen inspiration.

Credited by many as the reason they were finally able to get results, I understand what works and how to navigate the complexities, often sharing knowledge and insights missing elsewhere, in my uniquely down to earth yet extremely informative style. Demonstrating a strong history of proven results, sessions are designed to cut through the confusion and overwhelm, and have you feeling supported and valued in learning what’s driving your symptoms, and what you can start doing about them.


Together we will work together to tailor a holistic roadmap with personalised realistic expert insights you can begin putting into place straight away. My aim is to have you feeling inspired and encouraged, equipped with newfound clarity and confidence.

I am excited to embark on this journey with you. Ready to get started?

Take a moment to read the following information and then when you're ready, go ahead and book.  If my calendar does not suit your location, send me an email requesting an alternative time.


No matter where you live, I can still support you thanks to the magic of the internet. All sessions take place virtually with Google Meet, allowing us to connect in a secure call. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a quiet space to talk.


You will be invited to pay for your session via Stripe or Paypal once you have selected a time and date in order to confirm your appointment - there are two different prices for initial consults: NZ/AU and International due to the additional work required to source suggestions that are local to you.

Initial Consults

Not sure what to expect? Read this quick outline.

I use a comprehensive health history form for all new clients. If you have any test results, images or other useful info, attach to this completed form when you send it to me. If you need to reschedule, let me know asap as there is a fee if appointments are missed/cancelled with less than 48 hours notice - read our policy here.

Discovery Call

A free no-obligation 15 minute discovery call is available for you to book here. No recommendations will be provided but I can identify how I can help, answer any questions you may have about health coaching and the process involved and get a feel of my style and how we might work together.


All fees are written in NZD and do not include the cost of any testing, supplements, products or other suggestions made.

Initial Consultation and Action Plan

This one-hour appointment where we will explore your situation in depth, discuss a variety of influences including nutrition, lifestyle, gut health and other factors to develop a comprehensive picture of what support and guidance are likely to be most valuable, assess and troubleshoot what you've tried so far and where you can ask whatever questions you have. Each consultation is supported by a written integrative wellness action plan tailored to your situation outlining suggestions to get started, as well as an ebook with 70 recipes.

Follow Up

An important step in being able to monitor and adjust your plan. W ellness is a dynamic process, follow-up sessions allow us to discuss and track progress, adjust your action plan and address any new questions or concerns.. Here we can assess how the adjustments are going, investigate any issues that may have arisen, as well as offer further guidance and support including reviewing test results or food diaries, answer any new questions and make tweaks to your original plan.

Express Session

Perfect for exploring a single or acute issue. I can make suggestions on possible nutrition, lifestyle or supplementary interventions such as selecting probiotics, food substitutes, creams, accidental allergen exposure etc. This is not an in depth consult however it will help cut the confusion so that you can keep progressing on your wellness journey.

Action Plan Only

Submit a health history questionnaire and receive a comprehensive customised integrative nutrition action plan PDF on email with one follow-up email for clarification if needed. The plan includes nutrition and lifestyle education and recommendations directly relating to your wellness goals and concerns.

At-home IgG Test Kit

Food Detective is an at-home IgG blood test for food antibodies where a small blood sample is taken from a finger-prick.  New Zealand only.


Please discuss with Maryana before ordering to ensure this is an appropriate test.

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