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I do things a little differently. My consultations are designed to empower you to take control by breaking it down into practical and achievable steps.

I specialise in helping individuals and families with a holistic approach to eczema, allergies, food intolerances, asthma, immunity, gut healing, digestion, histamine intolerance and a range of other related challenges.

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With so much conflicting information online, it can be confusing, expensive and time consuming navigating how to address symptoms on your own. Maybe you've already spent hundreds with specialists who just prescribed more steroid creams or practitioners who sold you pricey supplements but didn't explain what was going on or what else you can do.

I'm here to help you understand why you or your child's skin is irritated and inflamed, why their immune systems are reacting to foods or other triggers, where the digestive issues are coming from but also importantly what to do about them so that you don't have to life your life restricting foods forever, relying on creams or feeling like it is all out of your control.

I bring a unique perspective after resolving my own daughter's symptoms, understanding how it feels and what it takes.

I have a proven history of consistently getting results over ten years - check out my testimonials page for a snapshot.

A strong focus on supporting symptoms as fast as possible while building a stronger foundation for lasting results.

I'm here to meet you where you're at - no pressure, judgement or convincing - just genuine and realistic support.

High quality insights, resources and tools that make a real difference in helping you take control and feeling empowered.

Maryana Lishman


No matter where you are located, my clinic is exclusively online so we can talk from the comfort of home. These consults are invaluable because it's difficult to dedicate the time, energy and space to do all the research and come up with a plan yourself - that is why working with someone who knows these topics inside out, cares deeply and is dedicated to helping you move forward can make such a difference.


The first step is book your integrative nutrition consultation then complete a health history questionnaire, so I can get a great idea of your situation and goals before we speak.

During our initial call, we will discuss your health history while I listen to your story and symptoms to connect the dots and begin building a strategy. Sometimes actions are surprisingly simple, other times I'll apply my extensive knowledge to navigate the complexities, explaining and educating you so it makes sense. Our discussion will then be summarised into your own action plan with a personalised outline of nutrition, lifestyle, environmental, topical and supplement recommendations to kick start your healing adventures.

I have helped many see significant shifts in as little as two weeks, however one consultation is rarely enough to resolve symptoms for good so I actively recommend follow-ups so we can review progress, adjust your plan and investigate next steps for optimal results.

let's do this!

Maryana is highly skilled at getting to the heart of symptoms to help you get unstuck, stop guessing and initiate lasting change with increased confidence and clarity. Armed with both experience and compassion, she is an expert at navigating simple and specific adjustments to help nurture, nourish and restore wellness, inside and out. This means working with her is often an incredible investment especially if you already feel like you've tried everything.

She is based in New Zealand and provides guidance and support for families and individuals both there and around the world via online consultations.

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