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Why choose to work with me? Having been through it myself, I focus on personalised integrative nutrition and holistic health strategies that have empowered and educated thousands to overcome symptoms at the root cause  fast.

do any of these resonate with you?

You’re worried about you or your child's eczema, allergies, food sensitivities or other ailments.

You feel confused about gut healing and are looking for solid advice and practical insights.

You've been told to rely on creams or suppressing agents but want to explore resolving at the root cause.

You're wanting to pursue a more holistic approach to nutrition and wellness, and are looking for guidance.

You’re wanting to build a stronger digestive and gut health foundation but aren't sure what to prioritise.

You've spent a lot of time crowdsourcing getting overwhelmed, and want a personalised roadmap to work from.

No matter where you live, I've got you covered. All my sessions are online via Google Meet - all you need is a reliable internet connection and a quiet space to talk.  I prefer to use voice calls for a less distracting experience so you don't have to worry about anything other than turning up.

When booking, you will be invited to pay for your session via Stripe (or Paypal) once you have selected a time and date in order to reserve your appointment. All fees are written and charged in NZD and do not include the cost of any testing, supplements or other recommendations. If you need to change your appointment, we require 48 hours’ notice or the full appointment fee applies. See our policy here.

I am passionate about helping people break free from the symptom hamster wheel, and focus on practical strategies that make sense and have a long established history of helping thousands around the world.

How it Works

What happens at an initial consultation?

Prior to your first consultation, you will complete and email through your health history questionnaire along with any photographs, test results etc so that I can review, and get a great idea of your situation and goals before we speak.

The initial consultation is up to 60 minutes where you'll get a comprehensive assessment and evaluation with a discussion where I will also provide initial recommendations and practical, accessible holistic insights with guidance on how you can optimise diet, gut health, nutrient absorption, topical and microbiome support, identify and manage triggers, understand environmental impacts and more.

What happens after the initial consultation?

I will personally write a fully customised and comprehensive action plan that outlines my insights and initial recommendations using my experience and understanding, so you can begin implementing a range of dietary and lifestyle adjustments. This is designed to not only help address symptoms in the short term, but also build a stronger health foundation for long term success. I recommend a follow up consultation is booked for 4 to 6 weeks after your first consultation to review how you're going, adjust your plan and look at next steps.

I have helped many improve their skin and gut condition within a matter of days and weeks, however some situations are more complex - especially those with a long history of suppression usually require longer to see significant shifts.


Book in for a free discovery call and we can see if we are a right fit to work with each other and what offering may be best.

Integrative Nutrition Consultations

Mother and Son

Initial Consult & Action Plan & Recipe eBook

During this 60 minute call, we will discuss your unique situation, identify next steps and begin discussing and implementing strategies for you to implement.

This is our most popular consultation for a range of skin, gut and immune health challenges for anyone dealing with eczema, suspected food sensitivities, allergies, tummy troubles, histamine or mast cell issues and more.

What’s included:

— Comprehensive evaluation of your situation.

— Support with determining triggers and reducing or managing exposure.

— Personalised comprehensive action plan filled with practical holistic health insights and strategies to support and repair the gut, guidance on nutrition, topical support, supplements, testing and so much more.

— Real food recipe eBook with 70 recipes.

Add on 30 minutes for $90

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Delicious Meal

Follow-Up Consultations

The first follow-up is suggested four weeks after your initial consult. These 30-min sessions allow us to check in and see how you're going, review progress, address any evolving events, refine yourplan and offer new suggestions to help you towards reaching your wellness goals. You can book these as and when needed, I usually recommend planning for two to three follow ups.

Working at Laptop

Personalised Electronic Consultations (on sale)

These personalised email consultations are designed to provide flexible and tailored nutrition support with your convenience in mind. Perfect for those who are unable to speak or prefer to read.

After you have booked this consultation, you'll complete the health history questionnaire and ideally a 3-day food and symptom diary and send to me. This information helps me better understand your goals, challenges, history and needs for the best plan.

What’s included:

A comprehensive tailored wellness action plan outlining a series of integrative nutrition and holistic health strategies, empowering you to achieve your goals in your own time. These include much of the same information as we would cover in the initial consultation.

You will be able to send one follow-up email for clarification if needed, within 7 days of receiving your plan. These consults are normally $160.


'Pick Maryanas Brain' 15 mins

This is not an in depth consult to begin addressing chronic challenges but if you’re seeking info on what probiotic or cream to try, want a quick mindset boost, or need to get back on track with someone who knows what they are doing – these quick sessions are perfect for single questions where you just need a straight answer that will save you time and money.

Allergic Reaction

Three Month Program - Comprehensive Support

Our most in depth one-on-one support, designed to help you overcome your challenges for good, by supporting you deeply through the complexities of skin and gut health recovery.

We will delve into diet, environment, triggers, gut health, topical routines, liver support, testing, lifestyle, environmental and personal factors for your long-term success.


You will also be able to message me on week days to answer any questions that pop up, help you blast through roadblocks and help you stay motivated, alongside 3 days worth of customised recipes personalised to your needs.

What's included:

— 1x initial 60min consult.

— Comprehensive initial action plan focused on high quality holistic strategies and insights.

— 2 x 45 minute follow up calls.

— Facebook messaging for instant responses.

— 3 customised breakfast, lunch + dinner recipes

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Green Plants at Home

IgG at-home Test Kit

Food Detective is an at-home IgG blood test for food antibodies where a small blood sample is taken from a finger-prick.  New Zealand only.
I highly recommend discussing this with me before ordering to ensure I feel this is an appropriate test for your situation as there are often times I will recommend other tests before this one.

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