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two week
gut health boost



give the gift of gut health so they can thrive.

two weeks.
limited spaces.

simple steps.

expert guidance.

flexible pace.

great value.

Oh, hey there

If the idea of building a stronger gut health foundation sounds good and you're ready to make it a reality, this two week challenge will offer just the boost you need. Together we can start transforming your gut health, so that you can start seeing amazing shifts on the inside and out.

I'm here to take you on a gut health journey.
To build a strong foundation that creates a lasting impact.

This is your opportunity to start putting you and your family's gut health first.

I've been on a mission to help families build epic skin and gut health since 2012.  Whether you're keen to better understand certain symptoms, restart active gut healing or are a little stuck and want to keep moving forward, this will be an experience you won't want to miss. It will be easy to follow, nourishing and a little bit fun.


We hear the term 'gut health' everywhere these days but the struggle to understand how much of a role it plays and what to actually do about it is real.

Gut health is a fundamental element of overall health and vitality. It exerts a strong influence over our immunity, it's where we digest, absorb and assimilate nutrients from what we eat and is also associated with a number of challenges when things aren't quite right - from inflammation, leaky gut, dysbiosis, low stomach acid, eczema, intolerances, allergies, reflux, IBS, anxiety and more.

This challenge will give you realistic and accessible strategies that will boost how you nourish you and your family from the inside out. I want to help you get on the right track in an affordable way, sharing small steps and habits I know make a huge difference.

We'll cover:

A better understanding of gut health and how to improve it.

Exploring the gut-immune connection to improve health resilience.

Practical knowledge on accessible gut-friendly foods and how to incorporate them.

Techniques for managing stress to support digestion and absorption.

Developing new habits that have you feeling stronger and in control.

You won't heal your gut in 14 days, but you can start laying the foundations and begin the process of making sustainable and positive changes - and I'm so excited to help you do this.

what you get


This is the best $45 you will spend on your gut given the incredible value of the benefits you'll get from information, support and motivation over a two week period:


Access to an exclusive online community with like-minded people.


An affordable two week reset to begin optimising your gut health.

Daily emails (Monday to Friday) with prompts, tips and ideas.

Your own Gut Healing 101 Guide, five gut friendly recipes and a mini low toxin eBook.

It's designed to be achievable to fit into your lifestyle - useful but not overwhelming or intense.  It would be great if you could put a little time aside each week but once you have the content, you can work through it at your own pace, as we know sometimes life just gets busy.

You can also share as much as little as you like. I'm here to meet you where you are at, so there is no pressure or judgement - we know many of you feel safer contributing in smaller spaces.

when does it start?

We'll start Monday 23 October NZDT. Spaces will be limited.

This will be the ONLY challenge we will run in 2023 so make sure you don't miss out.

See you there!

meet your host

Maryana Lishman

Integrative Nutrition Consultant

This challenge has been created by Raised on Real Food founder Maryana Lishman. After over ten years experience in helping make real food and gut health make sense to inspire action and real change from the ground up, she is now one of the leading voices in this space.


With a passion for educating and empowering families to take control through combining root cause solutions with a real food foundation, Maryana specialises in eczema, allergies, intolerances, gut health and family wellness.

  • What is Gut Health?
    Gut health considers the proper functioning of the digestive tract, so we can digest and absorb the nutrients from our food efficiently, as well as ensure waste is expelled without distress. It also considers a healthy microbiome, immune response, neurotransmitter activity, liver health and even our moods and emotions. Good gut health is important because of the digestive system is closely connected with the central nervous system and our immunity. When this delicate system is out of balance for an extended period of time, symptoms tend to follow.
  • How do I know if my gut needs healing?
    The relationship between our gut and our overall health is more complicated than just experiencing gastrointestinal distress. Many symptoms such as eczema and allergies have been observed to have their origins in poor gut health because of the relationship between leaky gut syndrome and our immune system so if your symptom presents on the skin, respiratory system or even neurologically, it may be worth exploring if the gut is inflamed.
  • What are some common symptoms of leaky gut syndrome?
    Many symptoms of leaky gut syndrome are common, but that doesn't make them normal. If you're observing or experiencing symptoms such as bloating, gas, constipation, eczema, hives, depression, fatigue, anger, headaches or mood swings, you may find embarking on an active gut healing program may be helpful for you. Infants naturally have 'leaky gut' because their digestive systems are immature.
  • What are the most common foods that trigger gut issues?
    We already know certain foods tend to cause problems - processed meals and snacks, refined sugar, additives, preservatives and pasteurised dairy etc- however there are many other foods that are difficult for us to digest that you may be surprised by. The 'top 8' allergens are dairy, soy, wheat, egg, seafood, fish, tree nuts and peanuts however in my experience other foods are common triggers so pay close attention to foods such as corn, cocoa, coconut, coffee, chocolate, oats, bananas, strawberries and kiwifruit. I also find many people struggle to breakdown raw vegetables and wholegrains.
  • Can I just eliminate the offending foods?
    The process of active gut healing isn't just to remove triggers although this is a good start - we also need to think about what to add back in to support the body to repair and heal. This is a dedicated approach that recognises that food can play a key role but not the only role. Many factors affect our gut health including our liver, stress, antibiotics, environmental toxins and more. Our systems are overloaded and a more holistic approach is often necessary to facilitate excellent results, take control of your gut and immune health and address the root causes.
  • How is eczema related to gut health?
    Many people dealing with eczema are led to believe if they just find the right cream, the skin will automaticaly become healed but this isn't the case as often as you'd think and it's because eczema isn't just a skin condition - it's often rooted in our digestive health. When our guts are compromised, often so are our livers and immune systems. When our microbiome is balanced, the walls of our gut is strong. If we have immature or inflamed gut lining, it is considered 'leaky' with undigested food proteins and other pathogens being able to enter the bloodstream, triggering an inflammatory response which triggers a chemical response that congests our organs and ultimately expresses through our skin. There is still more to learn about the treatment of eczema because immunity is complex, but active gut healing offers the opportunity to improve the symptoms and set the body up for better health.
  • Can I just take a probiotic?
    Probiotics are live bacteria that may offer various health benefits.We already have thousands in our digestive tracts and they play an important role so when our gut health is out of balance, we can add 'good bugs' back in, either from incorporating foods rich in bacteria such as sauerkraut or as a supplement to helps digest food and absorb nutrients. While in theory probiotics may help restore our natural balance, some probiotics can worsen symptoms and some do nothing at all as they are not all created equally. The microbiome is an important element of gut healing but it's not the only one.
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