I just wanted to say thank you! Finally started drinking your bone broth using your delicious recipe and am seeing some amazing results on my psoriasis.


Thank you so much for the wealth of information and support (with his eczema). From three to eight months, it literally felt like we were walking through the fires of hell. Zero sleep. His skin just melted off daily. Once I started to follow your suggestions, a weight lifted.





Just wanted to share the (infected skin) improvements in six weeks since our consultation with Maryana! One of the best things I got from her was the encouragement to trust my instincts as his mother.


What a difference a year makes. Thank you Maryana - you truly saved us. Here is our little man eating GF/DF pizza without a reaction compared to last year's living hell and a diet of hardly any choice for fear of a reaction.




First 'egg in a cup', with soldiers to boot at age 7yrs.


What was a childhood staple in my home growing up, was a joyous first today. So very thankful for Maryana, gut healing and the humble eggs return to our home


My son developed eczema at six months old after mix feeding with formula. We worked with Maryana to target the dietary side of things, triggers and gut healing. Fast forward to a now 3 year old and we are well on the road to clear skin, with a barely restricted diet (we only limit dairy and eggs). To everyone who’s feeling at that point of hopelessness and overwhelmed with it all - there is hope. Maryana’s knowledge is invaluable and I highly recommend her email consult service."




This is a chance for me to say thank you, again, for being part of our healing journey. When I first came to you i was flustered and overwhelmed, struggling with a very sick wee boy covered in rashes, rough skin, and often in pain from all the trouble he was experiencing in his digestive system - colic, reflux, blood and mucous in his stools. When he was diagnosed with FPIES, I was concerned how this would affect our gut healing but this did not phase you. You gave fantastic advice and realistic suggestions that aligned with our food restrictions. You shared, encouraged and motivated me to keep moving, even when things were at their toughest. You empowered me to take this situation into my own hands and to advocate for the best possible outcome, to sift through all the ‘well meaning’ advice and medical suggestions and choose what aligns with us. You encouraged me to trust my gut which I have done ever since and this has been one of the best things I could have ever done. It had a massive influence on how I was treated by the medical professionals. For the first time, I felt sure (certain even!), confident and capable in my decisions, and respected and trusted by most of the people we saw. I have no doubt you have a very important role to play in Felix’s rapid recovery, when he went from only tolerating four foods to being able to eat 40 foods, in the space of 4 months! This is pretty unheard of in the FPIES world and it has changed our lives. He has continued to make rapid, and incredible progress and everyday he is an absolute pleasure to be around. Not only have you played an important role in Felix’s healing but in the health of my whole family. You have helped me to provide the building blocks for great immune systems and happy, healthy kids, who have never had an infection of any sort in their lives and seldom get sick, apart from the odd head cold. Thank you again, for being who you are and doing what you do. What you do creates a ripple effect.  Through your groups, and your 1:1 consults, you have touched the lives of many people, probably far more than you’ll ever know. // Read more on Kayla's story here.

My first ever client!

"Maryana was my HOPE! I was absolutely terrified at letting go of the magnesium diet even though it was getting us nowhere, but in that first phone call she made me feel empowered that things would get better. Maryana was always there to listen, be it on Facebook or a private message or email, it was never any trouble and if she couldn’t answer straight away she always got back to me. The biggest thing I took from our phone calls was that how this all panned out was up to me, if I changed my attitude towards allergies and eczema things would change for us. She is a wealth of information and advice, not just about gut healing but also on how I could overcome my guilt and sadness and anger about the journey I have been on with her. It has not been easy, at times I have wanted to give up but I have one special little person relying on me to makes things better and that is what got me through and still gets me through."

"Thank you so much. Your wisdom, kindness and knowledge gave me space to release some rules that were no longer serving me. My daughter's eczema has gone and she is enjoying her food. You have been an integral part of me stepping back into my own power."


"After wasting money on doctors, dermatologists and pharmaceuticals, we finally discovered Maryana and worked 1:1 with her to help resolve our boy's eczema dramas. His skin is now 100% clear. I am forever grateful for her work."


"Ttwo months later, we are eating almost everything. My daughter's bowels are the best they have been and my anxiety/stress around food is diminished. Thanks so much for giving me the confidence to try new foods. I wish I had seen you earlier."


"Maryana, I'm just lying in bed cuddling my bubba and feeling so strong, motivated, empowered... I've made an amazing start... such small changes throughout the entire routine but probably so significant. So grateful to have encountered you."


"I have been so thankful for the incredible help you have given me with navigating through his eczema. He is doing so much better now and I know it's in huge part owing to your advice and guidance".


"Eczema free, tummy issues pretty much gone and sleeping well. Without you, I would not have been able to do this. Thanks so much Maryana, it's amazing what we achieved after only one session".


I had my initial consult with Maryana last night (finally). If anyone was unsure, just do it. I have done my my own research but still learnt so much and feel like I have a clearer idea of the path we need to go down now. She was so lovely and easy to talk to and I'm actually excited about this journey I'm going to be going on with my daughter."


I just had my 1:1 and after that call, I literally had a massive sigh of relief. After the call, everything fell into place. I wish I did it sooner but had kept delaying it due to wanting to get this and that but came to end of that red. The best thing is to help your bubba
sooner rather than later.
Please reach out to Maryana - worth it 100%"


"Our son's eczema is almost non-existent now and his allergies continue to improve via RAST, SPT and food challenges. Maryana's passion and
knowledge and the generosity with which she shares these have been amazing. Working with her directly helped me focus on exactly what I needed to and was so refreshing.



One week after this client received their integrative eczema plan on email.



"Maryana's love and determination for seeking to heal her own daughter shines through and she has gone on to weave the most amazing online community together through personal generosity. Simply put, thank you." EBONY


Gotta love someone who walks the walk. Someone who cares about the real cause of your health issues not just a quick fix or 'band-aid' solution. Someone who is always researching and updating her knowledge." SARA

Thank you for your advice on my 20 month old! She has not had an episode of tonsillitis since!" CUSHLA


"Thank you! Thank you for listening, thank you for understanding, thank you for your advice and wisdom! And thank you for keeping it simple" TESS


"Honest, well rounded support, thoughtful advice and a lovely person!" ERENA


Maryana gives great down to earth advice and encourages us to look at our gut and our diet to get to the source of the problem" BEVERLY


"Thank you Maryana for challenging advice given by the status quo. Your tips have been invaluable to our family. My baby no longer gets the weird rash on her face and body. No more tummy aches etc. " ANNA-MARIE


"If anyone was umming and ahhing about doing it or unsure what they'll get from it, just do it. She was so lovely and easy to talk to and I'm actually excited about this journey I'm going to be going on with my daughter." SUZIE


"I just had a consult with her today and it's a really good feeling to know you're on the right path and now have some extra strategies to use on this journey. I'm actually feeling optimistic that this is totally doable... Thank you again!" TORI


"We have improved my son's bowel issues amazingly and removed the band-aid meds that didn't help at all! He's not 100% yet but no more soiling and that makes life so much easier. Maryana is kind and listens and keeps it real." LAUREN


"Without that confidence and support, we would not have experienced the positive results and change in our children. I can't even begin to explain how amazing it feels to be told by friends, family and even strangers how happy and energetic your child is - and how much she can eat. I can't even compare her with her old self. Thank you thank you thank you". BC


When we started working with Maryana I was in a very confused state having been to several different practitioners who offered different and sometimes conflicting advice. She taught me to trust my gut instinct and helped my confidence blossom. With her support I was finally able to progress. She is extremely knowledgeable. Thanks again Maryana, we wouldn't be where we are today without your help". SA


"We had implemented some gut healing but it wasn't until you added your holistic advice, did we see any real improvements. We have now been able to introduce a heap of new foods and I have a whole new view on things. She's legend in the world of gut healing." ROZ

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