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I am grateful to the following clients for allowing me to share their success stories to help inspire hope and encouragement. While I am incredibly proud of the results I have facilitated, it will always vary from person to person based on a range of variables and factors.


"This is a chance for me to say thank you. When I first came to you, I was struggling with a sick wee boy covered in rashes and often in pain from colic, reflux, blood and mucous in his stools. When he was diagnosed with FPIES, I was concerned how this would affect our gut healing but it did not phase you. You gave fantastic advice and realistic suggestions that aligned with our food restrictions. You shared, encouraged and motivated me to keep moving. You empowered me to take this into my own hands and advocate for the best possible outcome, to sift through all the ‘well meaning’ advice to choose what aligns with us. I have no doubt you have a very important role to play in Felix’s rapid recovery, when he went from only tolerating four foods to being able to eat 40 foods, in the space of 4 months! This is pretty unheard of in the FPIES world and it has changed our lives. Not only have you played an important role in Felix’s healing but in the health of my whole family. You have helped me to provide the building blocks for great immune systems and happy, healthy kids. Thank you again, for being who you are and doing what you do."  - Read more on Kayla's story on her blog.


"It was the best money we spent to work with you for Bjorn. From covered to eczema and miserable - to completely clear skin in less than a year."


"I just wanted to share the improvements made in the six weeks since our consultation!"


"What a difference a year makes. Thank you, you truly saved us. Here is our little man eating GF/DF pizza without a reaction - compared to last year's living hell."


"Thank you so much for the wealth of information and support. From 3mo to 8mo, it felt like we were walking through the fires of hell but once I started to follow your suggestions, a weight lifted."


"My son developed eczema at six months old. Fast forward to a now 3 year old and we are well on the road to clear skin, with a barely restricted diet. There is hope. Maryana’s knowledge is invaluable."


"Her first egg in a cup, with soldiers to boot, at age 7. A joyous first today. So very thankful for Maryana, gut healing and the humble egg's return to our home."


"If you're a parent in the deep end with their child's eczema, book a consultation with Maryana. Following multiple meetings with GPs, paeds, two derms and one allergist - all of whom suggested aggressive steroid treatment, we decided to attempt a natural route with our 6 month old's progressively worsening skin. We're one week into our personalised action plan and her skin is SO much better, we're actually shocked. She was a pleasure to deal with and is truly dedicated to helping families heal their children's skin conditions from the inside out." - OLIVIA B

Campbell Family

"I had a consult with the lovely Maryana for my son's eczema in August 2022. She was empathetic, understanding and had a wealth of knowledge on healing the body naturally, from the inside out. Her recommendations supported me to heal his eczema. Thank you so much, I am forever grateful."

Mel T

"I highly recommend working with Maryana. She is very knowledgeable, easy going and thorough.  When I first had a consult with her she healed my daughter's eczema and then four years later saved my son from food allergies."

Kylie R

"I wish I had booked this appointment 7 years ago when I was at my worst with TSW. She really knows her stuff! Kind, caring and so easy to talk to. Her advice really made sense and the detailed wellness action plan is super helpful. Highly recommend you don't put off booking as long as I did."

Georgina S

"Highly recommend! After struggling for months with my son's health issues, we finally reached out to Maryana. She was bubbly, positive and thorough. We received a full report of her recommendations specifically for our son and implemented them with great success. So much knowledge and definitely a holistic approach. Thank you so much Maryana."


"Maryana was my hope! She is a wealth of information and advice, not just about gut healing but also how I could overcome my guilt, sadness and anger."


"She was spot on with her suggestion of where to start. Maryana is professional, compassionate and I am very thankful for all the knowledge I have gained from her."


"Maryana is one of the most thoughtful, kind-hearted and present people I've ever come across. Aside from her expertise, she's also a rare human being who actually listens."


"Her depth of knowledge illustrated in giving advice is one thing - that she does it in a way that empowers you to trust your instincts and build your own toolkit is something else."


"I am so thankful for the incredible help you have given me with navigating through his eczema. He is doing so much better now and I know it's in huge part owing to your advice and guidance".


"After wasting money on doctors and pharmaceuticals, we finally discovered Maryana and worked 1:1 with her to help resolve our boy's eczema dramas. His skin is now 100% clear. I am forever grateful for her work."


"I just had my 1:1 and literally had a massive sigh of relief. After the call, everything fell into place. I wish I did it sooner. Please reach out to Maryana - its worth it 100%"


"I had my initial consult with Maryana last night (finally). If anyone was unsure, just do it. I had done my my own research but still learnt so much and feel like I have a clearer idea of the path we need to go down now. She was so lovely and easy to talk to and I'm excited about this journey now."


"When we started working with Maryana I was in a very confused state having been to several practitioners who offered different and sometimes conflicting advice. She taught me to trust my gut instinct and helped my confidence blossom. With her support I was finally able to progress. She is extremely knowledgeable. Thanks again Maryana, we wouldn't be where we are today without your help".


"We had implemented some gut healing but it wasn't until you added your holistic advice, did we see any real improvements. We have now been able to introduce a heap of new foods and I have a whole new view on things. Maryana is a legend in the world of gut healing."


"The improvement we have seen in her skin is incredible and I no longer have a nagging fear of what the long term impacts may be while medicating and waiting for her to 'grow out of it'. Thank you for your guidance, knowledge, food ideas and product suggestions."

Miranda D

"Maryana is an absolute gem. Her approach is simple, clear and manageable even when presented with complex symptoms. She helped my babies when nothing else was working. My only regret was that I didn't see her sooner."

Salome W

"I was at my wit's end after seeing doctors and years of pain. She really listened to me and gave me great advice. The products she suggested were quality as well. Six months on and I'm pain free! Thank you so much."

Maria H

"The milestones we reached through Maryana's gut healing plan have been truly significant. It is worth acknowledging her input to getting us to where we are today. I owe the sleep we now get to Maryana, thank you so much!"

Morgan B

"I have worked with doctors and allergists and many others, and have never been given such wonderful depth and knowledge when it goes to my allergies and eczema. I’m extremely grateful to Maryana and her work outside of the system, she’s extremely empowering and inspirational. Thank you for the work you do Maryana."

Kate LA

"We worked with Maryana for our son who had extreme colic, reflux and food issues related to histamine intolerance. He would often break out in hives. She helped us incorporate healthy fats, suggestions of oils and creams to help, diet changes, next steps and simple additions to up nutrients as he was on a limited diet. We enjoyed her guidance and liked her detailed approach." 


"So glad I finally reached out for support. Maryana was supportive and easy to talk with. No pressure - just simple, informative points. Would highly recommend."


"Maryana's info on gut healing has been life changing. Keep up the astonishing work! I can not recommend anyone more supportive, empowering and insightful."


"Since consulting with her - the best value money I spent - I have learned so much about food and digestion, and had the only real success with my son's health"


"I had a consultation with Maryana recently and I just have to say wow! In a short time, I've seen a dramatic improvement in my skin and it's getting better all the time."


"Your knowledge, wisdom and kindness gave me space to release some rules that were no longer serving me. My daughter's eczema has gone and she is enjoying food. You have been integral in stepping me into my own power."


"Eczema free, tummy issues pretty much gone and sleeping well. Without you, I would not have been able to do this. Thanks so much Maryana. It's amazing what we achieved after only one session".


"Our son's eczema is almost non-existent now and his allergies continue to improve via RAST, SPT and food challenges. Maryana's passion, knowledge and the generosity with which she shares these are amazing. Working with her directly helped me focus on exactly what I needed to and was so refreshing."


"Without that confidence and support, we would not have experienced the positive results and change. I can't even begin to explain how amazing it feels to be told by friends, family and even strangers how happy and energetic your child is - and how much she can eat. I can't even compare her with her old self. Thank you, thank you, thank you".


"I just had a consult with her today and it's a really good feeling to know you're on the right path and now have some extra strategies to use on this journey. I'm actually feeling optimistic that this is totally doable. Thank you again!"


"Don't know where we would be now without you Maryana."


"I recommend Maryana to anyone struggling with eczema. She gave me so much information to help with triggers and how to calm inflamed skin. Her knowledge is invaluable. We are so grateful."

One week after this client received their integrative eczema plan...
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Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 20.45.24.png
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Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 22.39.20.png
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