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healing chicken broth instant pot recipe

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Why an Instant Pot? It's not just a pressure cooker - it's a multi cooker with a range of functions. It's electric which means it's safe and less scary. It also makes meals much faster - what would take a slow cooker six hours can be done in one, allowing us to reduce the histamine content considerably too. Super easy clean up, and the big one. A stainless steel insert which means no icky non-stick coating. I absolutely love mine!



▢ 1 whole chicken (or 2 bags of chicken wings) - preferably organic and free range
▢ 1 carrot, sliced
▢ 1 stalk celery, sliced
▢ 1 brown onion, quartered OR 1 leek, finely sliced
▢ 1 parsnip, sliced
▢ 2 sprigs fresh parsley with stalks
▢ 2T fresh dill with stalks
▢ 8-10 black peppercorns
▢ 2 teaspoons sea salt

  1. In the inner pot of your pressure cooker, add the vegetables on the bottom, and place the chicken on top.

  2. Add eight cups of cold water.

  3. Set the SAUTE function to HIGH and skim the foam from the surface as broth heats.

  4. Add herbs and seasoning.

  5. Secure the lid tightly and make sure the vent is set to SEALING.

  6. Switch to PRESSURE COOKER and make sure it's on HIGH.

  7. Set timer for 45 minutes, turning off the KEEP WARM function.

  8. Once the cycle has ended, use the QUICK-RELEASE function to release the pressure quickly.

  9. Once the pressure has been released and the button is again depressed, carefully remove the lid and allow the broth to cool.

  10. When it's just warm, strain the broth through a sieve into large glass jars, making sure not to fill past 75% if you will be freezing as liquid expands when frozen. Reserve chicken meat to add to a soup or other meal.

  11. I recommend leaving the fat on the broth as this adds flavour and nutrients however if you do skim it off, I suggesting putting it into a small container and using it to fry with.

  12. Once cooled to room temperature, refrigerate or freeze immediately.

  13. Broth can be refrigerated up to 5 days if there is a layer of fat on top (3 days if not) or frozen up to six months. Always reheat to a rolling boil.

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