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Our platform is synonymous with gut health, natural skincare, intelligent supplementation, healthy homes and delicious nutrient dense foods, with families are looking for products that will solve their problems and make their lives easier so if you have a brand or product that will help them, we currently have a few options open for sponsored slots.

Maryana Lishman is the founder, who is also a certified integrative nutrition coach, recipe developer and mother to a beautiful school aged daughter. Her brand is fast growing, and she is one of the top 'natural' personalities in New Zealand especially for her work in eczema, family skin care and gut health. Her mission especially through her loyal and engaged digital communities where she is seen as an expert in her niche, is to empower families to build a stronger wellness foundation from the inside out by thinking more deeply about the choices and purchases they make, and making real food accessible and simple to incorporate.

Her writing, which tends towards a more observational style, is regularly applauded for being educational, useful and relatable. An experienced marketer, she mindfully works with businesses to develop content that is relevant taking her audience on a journey through the power of story telling in a grounded, authentic and transparent way. She only works with products she would personally recommend that are aligned with her core philosophies - and in return her audience trusts her recommendations.


Here are some of our opportunities you may be interested in, please get in touch so we can discuss further: Affiliate Relationships, Sponsored Social Media Posts, Sponsored Blog Posts, Product Reviews, Hosted Giveaways, Group Sponsorship, Recipe Development.

Some of the businesses we've worked with:

Functional Self, Smidge, Dr Hisham's, iHerb, OOOOBY, The Herb Farm, Iron Clad Pan Co, Goodness Kitchen, Shakti Mat, ManukaRX and Something to Crow About

We do not work on a trade exchange basis because just like you, we are running a business and it has taken time and expertise to build our community and platform hence we offer paid advertising opportunities only but if you're looking for a sponsored post, blog or hosted giveaway or have another collaboration opportunity or campaign in mind, we'd love to put together a proposal to meet your needs - please just email us and we'd more than happy to chat.

Please note that we will not allow posts about network or multi-level marketing brands, other health coaches or clinics nor will we promote giveaways that you are running on your own platform. We reserve the right to refuse any offer or post. There will be no reimbursement or refunds once the post has been published and cannot guarantee the success of your post or the number of engagements, conversions or sales.


All sponsored posts, or those featuring affiliate links or codes will be identified with [ad] or #ad as per the ASA guidelines. If you would like to receive my media kit or discuss how we can work together, please send Maryana an email here and she can send you her pricing and options. We look forward to talking with you about how we can work together.

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