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Our Online Communities.

Digital villages have become increasingly valuable to connect with others. Those conversations connect us to others dealing with similar situations, deepen our individual and collective wisdom and provide a safe space to explore topics, ask questions and share experiences however when it comes to wellness, crowdsourcing should never be considered an equitable substitute for tailored professional advice.


We know each journey is different with many variables, and take our hosting responsibilities seriously which is why we don't allow promotion of unrealistic or predatory quick-fix 'solutions'. Our goal is to support individuals and families in building and implementing a stronger wellness foundation, with guidelines designed to facilitate healthy discussions and sharing with these key points:

  1. Be kind, tactful and constructive. Please consider the needs/situation of the individual when sharing your personal experiences and insights. We support a bio-individual approach above all.

  2. Act responsibly. Medical concerns and images of rashes etc are best diagnosed and treated by a qualified professional. If you may be in need of emergency medical services, contact them without delay. Members acknowledge they remain responsible for their own decisions and that any action taken is at their own risk, given there will always be positive and negative aspects to consider.

  3. Content is considered general and unqualified thoughts for support purposes only. We invite members to share their personal relevant insights constructively with positive intent, understanding each person is different. No attempting to treat or diagnose - these are peer-to-peer spaces so if you are a professional working with clients or are aligned to a particular modality or product, please refrain from commenting as such.

  4. Content is never a replacement for professional or paid support, nor a substitute for medical advice from a qualified professional. Maryana is a certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and is not able to act as a personal coach to members in the absence of taking their full Health History. She may be happy to offer general suggestions where she can, but is not able to offer "free" advice and is not responsible for any member's choices/actions as a result of anything they may read in her group/s.

  5. Please note that we may not endorse comments, opinions, suggestions, recommendations, products or services mentioned by other members so please check/research carefully before purchasing anything/taking action as a result of reading it.

  6. We have a zero tolerance policy for MLM (multi-level/direct/network marketing) mentions/content due to the predatory nature of their marketing, as well as general affiliate or referral links.

  7. Use your best judgement before sharing personal information or images in any group.

  8. As the group host, we reserve the right to remove content we feel uncomfortable with for whatever reason.

  9. As our groups are a platform of our work, we may post mindfully about our products and services from time to time to showcase how we think we can help.

  10. Do not attempt to sell, promote or solicit for commercial or vanity purposes - directly or on behalf of. Promotional opportunities are only available to businesses we have partnered with.

  11. Content is to stay on topic. These are not catch-all groups and do have a specific focus so not everyone will be a good fit. Some input may feel confronting, confusing or even contradictory to what you've heard elsewhere. We encourage members to leave or take a break if the group/s create undue anxiety, stress and/or feelings of righteousness in them.

  12. Do not share copyrighted content that does not belong to you, including photographed recipes from books.

  13. Sharing screenshots of group content elsewhere will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

  14. If you have blocked any admin or moderator, you will be removed as you won't be able to see their communication.

  15. Do not offer or invite conversations via Private Messaging (PM) - this is prohibited to keep members safe from being solicited to. Attempts to circumvent will result in an immediate and permanent ban

  16. The information presented is not healthcare advice and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. While it is intended to be helpful and informative, it does not constitute medical, legal or other professional advice. Statements made, or products recommended, have not been evaluated for safety and/or efficacy and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with a healthcare professional regarding diagnosis or treatment options, and before starting any new diet or supplement program

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