give them the gift of great skin and gut health.




Feeding your family on real food doesn't need to be hard, ridiculously expensive or complicated. All you really need is some great ingredients mixed together with love.

I created my first ebook FOR REAL to provide inspiration by showcasing many of the nutrient dense meals I make for my family.


With 70 recipes, you will be sure to find some great meal ideas that you and your family will ask for over and over.

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Maryana Lishman is the founder of Raised on Real Food and is a certified integrative nutrition coach. She has a holistic wellness private practice, serving clients remotely from her home in New Zealand.


Her perspective is to help clients address symptoms from the inside out and instigate root cause healing for a range of wellness challenges, including eczema, allergies, intolerances, gut health, asthma, hay fever, fussy eating, poor sleep and more. She works with her clients to offer customised strategies and solutions that prioritize nutrient-dense foods and help them build a stronger wellness and lifestyle foundation. Gut healing gave her daughter the opportunity to recover from her symptoms, so Maryana is passionate about helping other families reach their goals and show them how this is both achievable and accessible.

Prior to founding Raised on Real Food, Maryana worked in marketing and communications for 15 years. She incorporates those skills to help serve her community by leveraging her writing and other resources to help educate and inspire.


While she is does provide nutritional and lifestyle support and strategies to consider, she does not provide medical advice or treatment, and any information provided should not be considered as such. Always consult your doctor before making any changes.

FROM eczema, multiple food allergies, failure to thrive, swollen lymph nodes and histamine intolerance, to...


recent praise

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wealth of information you gave me, and the support. I felt like I was going round and round in circles. From 3 to 8 months old, it literally felt like we were walking through the fires of hell. Zero sleep. His skin just melted off daily. Stress and anxiety was the norm but once I’d made the decision to follow your information, it was like a weight lifted.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like I can confidently heal this bubba and set him in good stead for the rest of his life now."



“When it comes to allergies and eczema, I believe Maryana is the most experienced person in New Zealand to assist with healing these from the inside out.”



"Maryana is a wealth of knowledge and has a way of empowering her clients. We saw remarkable and rapid results during and after our consults, and I now have two happy, healthy children to show for it! When I first saw her, I was flustered and overwhelmed. She gave fantastic advice, realistic suggestions, and motivated me, encouraging me to trust my gut. It influenced me to feel confident and capable. I have no doubt she played a role when he went from four foods to 40 in only four months and helped me provide the building blocks for happy, healthy kids. I don't feel like the success story could get any better. Thank you again. You have touched the lives of many people, probably more than you'll ever know." 



"Without that confidence and support, we would not have experienced the positive results and change in our children. I can't even begin to explain how amazing it feels to be told by friends, family and even strangers how happy and energetic your child is - and how much she can eat. I can't even compare her with her old self. Thank you thank you thank you". 

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