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holistic root cause solutions for families who want to unlock skin and gut healing.

You're sick of being told symptoms are normal but don't know what to do next.

Feel like you're stuck in a cycle of creams and appointments and wondering if it is even possible to actually heal symptoms like eczema, allergies or food sensitivities for good? No matter how many groups you’ve joined or how much advice you’re given, you still find yourself not making progress and not sure what to do next.

I get it because I've been there too. To help my daughter, I had to dedicate myself to deep learning but after watching her transform from a struggling baby covered in eczema with multiple allergies, to a thriving happy and healthy child within months, I was forever changed. This became the driving factor behind establishing Raised on Real Food because not only are we a clinic, we are a movement helping other families embrace building a strong  nutrition foundation to reclaim their health.


I work remotely online with clients all over New Zealand and beyond, helping them get to the root cause of their challenges so they can live their lives to their fullest. I'm committed to being incredibly supportive, empowering and encouraging to educate and inspire them to take charge - and it's helped thousands already.

So if you'd like to work with someone who can cut through the noise to help make skin and gut healing your reality, whether it's for you or your child, I'd love to help.

Baby Eczema Skin

"I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it." MAE WEST

Here's what we focus on


We will explore managing eczema and other skin challenges including identifying potential triggers from a holistic perspective. This includes providing guidance on dietary and lifestyle modifications as well as other supportive measures with a significant focus on practical strategies to support healthy skin on the inside and out. This includes explaining how allergies or food sensitivities may be contributing, and how to build tolerance to empower you to take charge.


Gut health plays such a vital role in our health so supporting clients to optimise their digestive - and immune - health by addressing potential contributing factors such as inflammation, dysbiosis and impaired barrier function through dietary and lifestyle interventions can make a huge difference. By identifying potential culprits and focusing on supportive foods and practices, we can create an effective barrier and healthy microbiome for long term results.


Wellness begins at home. I work collaboratively with families empowering them to actively build a stronger nutrition and wellness foundation, offering customised and practical day-to-day strategies that fit your situation and goals. Whether it's picky eating, constant sniffles from daycare, increasing nutrient density of meals or something else, we'll look at a range of dietary, lifestyle and environmental impacts so that you and your loved ones can thrive.

Maryana Lishman

Meet Maryana.


Bombarded with conflicting information and feeling deeply frustrated and alone in navigating my daughter's eczema, allergies and failure to thrive, determined to find a better solution than relying on steroid creams,  I ended up taking matters into my own hands. The transformative journey of healing my daughter's symptoms and watching her thrive ignited a passion to help others facing similar challenges, becoming my driving force and inspiration in creating Raised on Real Food, to provide practical step-by-step holistic nutrition and gut healing guidance, as well as community.

New Zealand based but working with families worldwide, witnessing their transformations as been deeply inspiring and fulfilling. I am most passionate about supporting skin conditions especially eczema, allergies, food sensitivities, histamine issues, family nutrition and wellness, and of course gut health.

Mother Holding Baby

1—Online Consult

Being able to chat with someone who knows their stuff can be incredibly useful. Here I'll find out all about your situation, give a thorough assessment and outline a range of supportive dietary, lifestyle and other insights.

2—Action Plan

After our consult, I will write a custom action plan outlining specific steps and personalised recommendations along with helpful links in a comprehensive but easy to understand format designed around taking action.

3—Follow Ups

Follow up sessions are incredibly valuable to allow you to check in and review your progress so I can make adjustments to your plan and offer ongoing suggestions to give you the best chance of reaching your goals.

1:1 integrative nutrition and holistic wellness consultations

Expert root-cause guidance to help you move forward. Ideal for families and individuals looking for tailored practical support and a roadmap to work from.

Our Clients Say

"When it comes to allergies and eczema, I believe Maryana is the most experienced person in New Zealand to assist with healing these from the inside out."

Melanie W
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