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When it comes to allergies and eczema, Maryana's knowledge and empathy far surpasses anyone else I know. I believe she is the most experienced person in New Zealand to assist with healing allergies and intolerances from the inside out. It is evidenced that she is passionate about healing children and families to heal from the pain and challenges associated with eczema and allergies.

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Welcome to a world where nutrient dense foods and a holistic approach to wellness and immunity, acknowledging all the factors that contribute to our sense of wellness, is considered normal.


There are so many of us who have switched off from the idea we're being sold that eczema is asteroid cream deficiency, and while we may have started out just by trying to find a more natural cream, it became about going beyond just treating symptoms towards connecting the dots and learning how to thrive.


My main focus is helping you build a strong nutrition and lifestyle foundation around nutrient dense foods that are easy to digest while supporting gut healing, building beautiful skin from the inside out, cleaning up your environment and beginning to acknowledge emotional influences at play.


I am honoured to work with families to ensure they can access abundant support in a world that often feels confusing and overwhelming especially when it comes to our ability to address symptoms such as eczema, allergies and intolerances from the inside out, going beyond just food elimination to build a sustainable foundation of true wellness.


My daughter was diagnosed with eczema and multiple food allergies as an infant, and I felt heavily pushed to just put on more steroid cream, bathe her in bleach and hope for the best. These things didn't resonate with me, so I took action and dedicated myself to researching as much as I could before developing a customised approach that changed everything, so empowering others when their endeavour is to do the same is something close to my own heart


Through my work, I'll help you build and implement a tailored and holistic plan that will support, encourage and educate you to take sustainable and positive steps towards your goals. I bring intuitive, compassionate and indepth experience to my work and while I will be your biggest cheerleader, I can also be 'straight up' offering a no-BS, waffle rree approach. I'm here to help you explore what strategies may work best for you, knowing each journey is different. It's not about following anything or anyone blindly, but learning to listen to our bodies, and access intuition from the knowledge we've built to become our own confident and empowered health advocates.


If you're not quite ready to dive into coaching, you are very welcome to start with my real food recipe ebook with 70 gluten free recipes from my kitchen to yours for only NZ$5.99, and get started into making more delicious nutrient-dense meals that your whole family will enjoy eating!

Maryana Lishman

Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Family Wellness/Holistic Eczema Strategist, Recipe Developer

Real Food and Gluten Free


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