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lets simplify and supercharge your families skin and gut health
A Natural Girl

root cause solutions.
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When you’re struggling to find out triggers, resolve symptoms like eczema or just navigate the complexities of gut healing — we are here to help you build epic skin, gut, immune and digestive health on the inside and out.

Our founder Maryana Lishman is an experienced and passionate practitioner who can help identify the root cause of symptoms, explain what's happening and create an effective, realistic roadmap for lasting and sustainable results. She is often able to help find resolution, when others couldn't.

Because she believes strongly in the power of a tailored approach, Maryana takes the time to understand your situation, answer your questions and provide comprehensive education so that you can better understand what's going on, and what to do. Her goal is to inspire and empower so if you're tired of feeling lost, overwhelmed or just stuck, help is just one click away.

"When it comes to allergies and eczema, Maryana's knowledge and empathy surpasses anyone else I know in the natural health industry. I believe she is the most experienced person in New Zealand to assist with healing these challenges from the inside out." 



I'm here to meet you where you are at, with a non-judgemental, relaxed and insightful approach. I am based in New Zealand however all sessions are online for easier access, comfort and flexibility.


A consultation with me is a great next step if you can relate to any of these:
– you or your child are exhibiting chronic skin, gut and immune health related symptoms.
– you suspect these may be reactions to something, and would like support to identify the trigger(s).
– you've been told to use creams or other medicines but prefer to resolve the root cause.
– you've spent a lot of time researching online but are not confident in the quality or how it all fits.
– you want to resolve symptoms and reduce discomfort, but are feeling discouraged and stressed by the challenges and want a tailored roadmap to work from.


Our initial session is where we will review and examine your situation in depth. You will also learn the role gut health and other factors play, and I provide specific insights and guidance so that it all starts to make sense. After our session, I'll design a initial wellness action plan to help you take your next steps with tailored suggestions for products, nutrition, testing and more. I'm here to support you at every stage, so follow-up and express sessions are also available.


– skin challenges such as eczema (my specialist topic), hives, staph overgrowth, cradle cap and tsw.

– holistic approach to allergies/intolerances/sensitivities, including while breastfeeding.

– understanding and addressing leaky gut syndrome.

– supercharging health with easy to digest nutrient-dense foods.

histamine excess/intolerance and mast cell activation

digestive challenges including colic, reflux, FPIES, bloating and more.

family wellness challenges including poor weight gain, constant daycare bugs, picky food behaviours.

Maryana Lishman


"When my daughter was born, everyone told me her dry skin was 'normal' and would get better - what actually happened is that despite following the medical advice, it got worse. After she was diagnosed with multiple food allergies and failure to thrive before solids, I decided to do things differently and dedicated myself to learning how to recover her health, naturally. That experience changed everything and is why I created Raised on Real Food back in 2015 - to provide high quality insights, guidance and resources to support vibrant health, clear skin and balanced immunity so that you and your loved ones can thrive."


I highly recommend working with Maryana, she is very knowledgeable, easy going and thorough. When I first had a consult with her, she healed my daughters eczema and her ongoing gut issues, then again four years later saved my son from suffering with food intolerances/allergies which helped his constant upset tummy and me from many sleepless nights! I'm so happy I found her when I did. An absolute pleasure to work with." - MEL T

"Maryana is an absolute gem. Her approach is simple, clear and manageable, even when presented with complex symptoms. Maryana helped my babies when nothing else was working and the GP couldn't help. My only regret was that I didn't see her sooner. If you're fed up with eczema, allergies, gut symptoms, inflammation and / or immune system concerns then I highly recommend a consultation with her." - MIRANDA D

"I was at my wit's end after seeing mainstream doctors and years of pain and finally made an appointment with Maryana. She really listened to me and gave me great advice. The products she suggested are quality products as well. Six months on, and I'm pain free! Thank you so much" - SALOME W

"I had a consult with the lovely Maryana for my son's eczema in August 2022. She was empathetic, understanding and had a wealth of knowledge on healing the body, naturally, from the inside out. Maryana's recommendations has supported me to heal my son's eczema. Thank you so much, I am forever grateful." - CAMPBELLS

"Maryana is great to work with! She's professional, friendly and has a wealth of knowledge that she is willing to share with others. I couldn't recommend her highly enough. I have had a couple of consults with her, initially 2yrs ago for my 3yr old son and more recently during my current pregnancy. The milestones we have achieved through Maryana's gut healing plan for my 3yr old son have been truly significant. It is worth acknowledging her input to getting us to where we are today. I owe the sleep my son and I get now at night to Maryana, thank you so much!"- MARIA H

"Highly recommend!!! After struggling for months with my son's health issues, we finally reached out to Maryana. She was bubbly, positive and thorough. We received a full report of her recommendations specifically for our son and implemented them with great success. So much knowledge and definitely a holistic approach. Thank you so much Maryana." - GEORGINA S

"We worked with Maryana for our son who had extreme colic, reflux and food issues related to histamine intolerance. He would often break out in hives. She helped us incorporate healthy fats, suggestions of oils and creams to help, diet changes, next steps and simple additions to up nutrients as he was on a limited diet. We enjoyed her guidance and liked her detailed approach." - KATE LA

"WOW! I wish I had booked this appointment 7 years ago when I was at my worst with TSW. Maryana really knows her stuff! Such a kind, caring and calm natured lady who was so easy to talk to. Her advice really made sense, and the detailed wellness action plan is super helpful. Highly recommend you don't put off booking as long as I did." - KYLIE C

"I have worked with doctors, allergists and many other medical people since a young girl and have never been given such wonderful depth and knowledge when it goes to my allergies and eczema. I’m extremely grateful to Maryana and her work outside of the system, she’s extremely empowering and inspirational. Thank you for the work you do Maryana." - MORGAN B

"If you're a parent in the deep end with their child's eczema, book a consultation with Maryana. Following multiple meetings with GPs, paeds, two derms and one allergist - all of whom suggested aggressive steroid treatment, we decided to attempt a natural route with our 6 month old's progressively worsening skin. We're one week into our personalised action plan and her skin is SO much better, we're actually shocked. Maryana was a pleasure to deal with and is truly dedicated to helping families heal their children's skin conditions from the inside out." - OLIVIA B

Image by Megan Bucknall



We can't wait to show you the nourishing recipes we've been working on! In the meantime, our first recipe ebook FOR REAL, is still available with 70 nutrient dense and easy to digest recipes to support your health in the most delicious way from our kitchen to yours.

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