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I'll never forget having an infant with eczema and allergies. It was rough and exhausting until I discovered the game changer - gut healing. Her transformation was so dramatic and fast that even our allergist told us to keep going. You would never guess those early experiences by seeing her now - food freedom, smooth skin, robust immunity, balanced sleep and digestion... and the tools to be able to listen to her body.

Extending on the knowledge and experience I gained which propelled me towards further study, I launched Raised on Real Food ten years ago as an online clinic to empower and educate others to build a strong wellness foundation. An expert skin and gut health coach who speaks with you rather than at you, I'm here to help you focus on the behaviours, strategies and actions that will get you and your loved ones feeling your best.

A Natural Girl

Real World Application.

My mission is to create a supportive space for individuals and parents to explore nutrition, skin and gut health to educate and empower them towards a stronger and more sustainable foundation based on achievable, practical and realistic steps. As everyone's needs differ, I offer online consultations that include a tailored action plan.

Nutrient Rich Food First.

Let's celebrate food as our ally not our enemy, focusing on nourishing ancestral recipes that are nutrient dense, easy to digest, simple to prepare and taste great. With my back you will learn how to uncover any food triggers, discover what foods love you back and how we can fuel and nourish repair, healing and restoration for lasting results.


"When it comes to allergies an eczema, I believe Maryana is the most experienced person in New Zealand to assist with healing from the inside out." MELANIE W

Who I Help, and Why.


Becoming a parent was life-changing enough but when my infant daughter developed eczema, allergies and failure to thrive, things got heavy. I followed my instinct to address her symptoms from the inside out instead of the status quo. Ignited by the professionals who told me it couldn't be done, and inspired by the community of fellow mothers cheering me on as I was doing it - after recovery was achieved, my mission became to drive real change from the ground up.

Over the last ten years, I have helped many families worldwide say goodbye to the following symptoms in the table below. It isn't an exhaustive list so if you're not sure if your situation is something I can help you with, email me and I'll let you know. Note: all sessions are online.

I'll be real - our bodies are complex and there is no one size fits all. I work with those exploring the holistic approach for the first time, those who feel they've exhausted all the usual possibilities, those who are curious and those who trust me to provide strategic troubleshooting. Each journey is different and some will be trickier than others. No matter where you are at, I'm here to support, guide and inspire you to build a strong and lasting foundation of great skin and gut health and improved health resilience from the inside and out.

You can also find me at @raisedonrealfood on Instagram and Facebook.





Sensitive Skin

Dry Skin

Itchy Skin

Cradle Cap

Staph Infections


Keratosis Pilaris


Colic and Reflux


Mucus or Green Stools

Excess Wind

Upset Tummy

Picky Eating

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Coeliac Disease

Food Chemical Sensitivities

Real Food for Families



Constant Runny or

Blocked Nose

Allergy Shiners

Hay fever



Recurrent Illness




Mast Cell and Histamine

Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Specialised Diets (GAPS, Paleo, LCHF, Keto etc)