let's address your family's skin and gut health together, naturally.

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Initial Session
via Skype/Zoom

Benefit from comprehensive strategies and support, delivered with care and understanding. $160

Follow Up


Assess progress, investigate roadblocks and make tweaks to help reach your goals. From $65

Tailored Skin & Gut Health Action Plans

Let Maryana do the hard work of developing a customised action/ recovery plan for you.  $63

Often described as a game-changer who people wished they'd approached much earlier, with her expert knowledge and personal experience and thus compassion and understanding, Maryana helps demystify symptoms of allergies, intolerances and inflammation such as eczema supporting families to build a strong nutrition and lifestyle foundation to foster supple skin and balanced digestive and immune systems from the inside out.


As a certified Integrative Nutrition Consultant with an online clinic often booked weeks in advance from families around the world, her goal is to make those who work with her feel empowered and confident whilst nurturing their skin and gut health. While she is not a doctor, allergist, naturopath or dietitian etc, she has significant experience facilitating results that others were not able to, partly because she takes the time to really explain options and encourage parents to follow their observations and instincts where possible.

Maryana runs a popular free community called The Healing Tribe, where she often sees parents jumping from various groups, practitioners and approaches trying desperately to find solutions, which can extend their distress and deplete their hope. Her approach is unique in that she is able to look at situations as a whole, helps connect the dots and starts addressing the root triggers to go beyond mere symptom management to achieve long-lasting, empowering results.

She offers only a limited number of consults each week as her endeavour is to offer more, rather than less. Your investment covers the time she spends with you, reviewing your information, answering your questions, writing the session overview with recommendations, undertaking additional reading and so on.

Initial Session with Maryana via Skype/Zoom

After booking, you will be directed to a Health History form to complete (5-15 mins) and return at least 24 hours prior to your session. Please also attach relevant images to that email as any historical/recent test results.

Note there is a current three-week wait list. If you feel your session is not able to wait, please contact me.


  • Questions about the Health History provided to gain further detail and clarification on your situation.

  • Discussion of your health goals, an overview of how she works and what we can achieve together.

  • You may be directed to complete a Food and Symptom diary to help investigate dietary factors.

  • Within 3-5 working days, you will be emailed a comprehensive overview with testing/dietary/lifestyle/environmental recommendations, referrals, supplement and meal ideas and other strategies/resources for you to consider, including a complimentary link to her recipe book (normally $18.99).


Price: $160 NZD for initial 60 min session (approx $104USD/$92AUD depending on currency conversion rates).

SAVE: Purchase two one-hour sessions upfront and pay $150 for each.

Follow-Up email

These are helpful and make reaching your goals more likely as we can assess and track progress, investigate roadblocks, take action on test results, answer questions, get clarification and make tweaks as needed to support you to reach your goals. Maryana does recommend typically 4 weeks between sessions but leaves the frequency up to you depending on your needs. For the best start, you can purchase two week's electronic (email) support with a 15% discount if booked and paid with the initial session.

Electronic Skin and Gut Health Action Plans (ENDING SOON)

Maryana can develop a tailored electronic action plan if finding time to speak is unlikely where you can benefit from her experience and knowledge with more flexibility and affordability. She'll review your situation to develop a comprehensive plan containing information, suggestions and strategies with one follow-up email to get clarification if needed. Once you submit your Health History, you'll receive your plan within 3-5 working days.

IgG Food Sensitivity Test

Food sensitivities can contribute to a variety of symptoms, with delayed or digestive reactions often harder to pinpoint. This panel is a tool that can be used to help identify foods triggering a non-IgE immune response by testing 96 different foods including dairy, fish, seafood, fruit, grains, legumes, nuts, meat, poultry, eggs, herbs, spices and vegetables.

Collection Method: At home blood spot collection. Price: $430.00 (click here to order)

  • The fees do not include the cost of any testing or supplements that may be recommended. Fees are shown in NZD.

  • Payment is required at time of booking via PayPal, Stripe or NZ Bank Transfer (on request -payment must be received >24 hours prior to consult.

  • Maryana can offer only limited support between appointments. Basic questions to clarify suggestions are acceptable however any new or complex discussions will require a followup session to discuss appropriately.

  • She is based in New Zealand. If her calendar shows as unavailable, please email her to investigate other times that may be suitable.

  • Maryana is not a doctor or naturopath. These sessions are for support, information and coaching purposes only, and in no way constitute a medical consultation, diagnosis, treatment or advice. You agree to take responsibility for seeking appropriate permission for making any dietary and lifestyle changes. Read her disclaimer here (you will need to review and agree when booking your initial session).

  • We understand sometimes unexpected events can arise. Please notify us if you cannot attend your appointment. Cancellations must be submitted at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Within 24 hours, a 50% cancellation fee will apply. Refunds will not be issued for no-shows.


is the founder of Raised on Real Food and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Consultant with a special interest in:

  • Eczema and skin health

  • Gut healing for kids.

  • Leaky gut and gut dysbiosis.

  • Allergies, intolerances, sensitivities.

  • Elimination/Restricted diets.

  • Nutrient dense solids.

  • Colic, reflux, gas etc.

  • Asthma and hayfever.

  • Fussy eating behaviours.

  • Wholefoods for Families.

  • Allergy-friendly recipes.

For those requiring specific testing or care outside her scope, she refers onto a range of qualified practitioners including lactation consultants, functional practitioners, doctors and specialists.

what people say:
"Since consulting with her (the cheapest, best money I ever spent), I have learnt so much about food & digestion, and have had the only real success with my son’s health." DZB
"Passionate and generous with her knowledge" BB
"Maryana was so supportive and easy to talk with. There was no pressure just simple informative points that we could focus on as a family without it being too unobtainable. Would highly recommend." LM
"Maryana's pages and info on gut healing has been life changing for our family." JC
"She is a very genuine, down-to-earth person who has helped both my daughters with improving gut health and I have learnt a lot." SR
"Maryana's love and determination for seeking to heal her own daughter shines through. Her depth of knowledge illustrated in giving advice is one thing, that she does it in a way that empowers YOU to trust your instincts and build your own toolkit is something else!" ED
"Someone who cares about the real cause of your health issues not just a quick fix or 'bandaid' solution. Someone who is always researching and updating her knowledge." SL

"I really just wanted to say thank you so much for the wealth of information you gave me, and for the support. I felt like I was going round and round in circles. From 3 to 8 months old, it literally felt like we were walking through the fires of hell. Zero sleep. His skin just melted off daily. Stress and anxiety was the norm but once I’d made the decision to follow your information, it was like a weight lifted.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like I can confidently heal this bubba and set him in good stead for the rest of his life now."


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Maryana Lishman is a certified Integrative Nutrition Coach who supports and empowers families to reach their health goals. All information, opinions, and recipes provided on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition and are not a substitute for advice from your doctor.  All words are her own and should not be taken as prescriptive or medical advice. Please seek professional advice before making changes to your diet or lifestyle. Throughout this site, there are various affiliate links where she may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you, should you decide to purchase.

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