Epsom Salts: why I love them + why you should too.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

I am a huge fan of epsom salts so I better tell you why these salts were part of my daughter's gut healing protocol since Day 1, and where I purchase from.

Epsom salts are inorganic salts also known as magnesium sulfate.

The benefits are easily absorbed through the skin, both useful for detoxifying the body and making it possible to raise your blood levels of magnesium and sulfate, which helps to:

+ relax the body and ease stress

+ relieve muscle aches, migraine headache and body pains

+ improve electrolyte balance in the body

+ enhance the actions of insulin (and therefore reduce the risk of diabetes)

+ improve blood circulation and the elasticity of blood vessels

+ relieve constipation

+ eliminate toxins from the body

+ relieve inflammation

+ exfoliate and cleanse the skin


A 'master' mineral that’s essential for good health, as it's required for over 300 biochemical processes, and it also happens to be something many of us are chronically low in - especially where there is a leaky gut. It has anti-inflammatory properties, blocks the release of pro-inflammatory factors making it useful for the treatment of asthma, gout, muscle cramps and eczema to reduce lesions and itching but also to hydrate the skin and prevent growth of eczema-causing bacteria and fungi with its antimicrobial effect. It is also an alkalinizing agent that can lower the acidity of the blood, saving the immune system some effort in countering the harmful effects of toxins (an important trigger of eczema as the immune reactions are a response to the body identifying it as something that needs to be removed via the skin).


Also essential for good health to support our detox pathways and to start the cascade of digestive enzymes released from the pancreas to digest our foods efficiently. Low sulphate has also been found in those with IBD, however it's shown to be best absorbed from the skin as it's not easily absorbed through the gut wall. In addition, sulphate/sulfate can help flush out heavy metals from the body. Magnesium and sulfate can prevent the cascade of immune reactions that only end up promoting a cycle of eczema breakouts, and can also speed up skin barrier recovery after it has been breached.

Purchasing Epsom Salts

Blants New Zealand - use code ML717 for 5% off your order when logged in. Highest grade epsom salts available in NZ.

iHerb - use code GVJ251 at checkout for 5% off your order. Ships worldwide.


You can also buy epsom salts at your supermarket, pharmacy and healthstore. Just make sure you get pharmaceutical quality, and not the huge sacks of cheap salts from animal stores.

Suggestions for Use

Note! Because Epsom Salts are a natural detoxer, you’ll need to start slowly (as you would with any detox) to ensure you don’t push your body too quickly - especially true for young children.


Start with half a cup or less of Epsom Salts in a bath (or foot bath) of water per day. Soak in the bath for at least ten minutes but ideally up to 30 minutes a day – relax and enjoy!

Over a period of a few weeks, you can increase the quantities to two to four cups of Epsom Salts however generally one or two cups is perfectly sufficient for most.


For babies, young children and those with eczema, start super low and go slow with just one tablespoon in the bath, and gradually increase towards one cup. Most children the baths make sleepy but others get wired right up, especially if quantities are too high for that period.

If you have kidney disease please consult your doctor before using. If you don't have a full sized bath, foot baths are a great alternative.


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